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  • Two references
  • Passport/Biometric ID Card (to confirm your identity)
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Video tutorials

Logging in and resetting password

How to find Florence, log in to your account, and access live support when you need it

Posting  shifts

How to post shifts within Florence and publish them to the marketplace

Reviewing applicants

How to review the candidates that have applied for your shift and choose who works in your care home

Approving timesheets

How to approve timesheets from those that have worked in your care home

Cancelling a shift

How to cancel shifts that you have already published to the Florence marketplace

Favouriting workers

How to favourite workers so you can easily invite them back to work another shift

Post a sleep-in shift

How to post sleep-in shifts using custom shifts

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Top questions from home managers

How do I know a nurse will turn up?

Florence nurses and carers are high-quality caregivers and are rigorously vetted before they join, so no-shows are very unlikely. Our rating system rewards good behaviour, which encourages ongoing professionalism and makes workers highly accountable.

When you accept someone for a shift, you can see their ‘reliability’ score as an indicator of their past record of fulfilling shifts, giving you peace of mind.

Finally, if this scenario did take place, the worker would be immediately barred from using the platform again. 

How do I know if a nurse or carer has the right skills?

A worker will add their specific skills to their profile, which you can review when deciding who to accept for a shift. Adding required skills to your shift posting will ensure relevant worke are invited to apply. This means you’ll have a pool of correctly-skilled candidates to choose from when filling shifts.

Who's responsible if something goes wrong?

Florence is committed to working with care homes and healthcare workers to provide the best possible care. Our incident management team will investigate reported incidents, working together with the care home and nurse or carer involved to find the appropriate solution to the situation. 

What happens if a nurse or carer cancels?

If someone cancels, Florence works quickly to find another appropriate worker to fill the shift, at minimum fuss to you. The shift goes live on the platform immediately, and new invites are sent to workers who are a good fit, as well as those in your favourites list. You receive an email to inform you of the cancellation, so you are kept up to date on the shift’s status. 

What checks are done on a nurse or carer?

Nurses and carers undergo rigorous checks before joining Florence. They are subject to an enhanced DBS check, and must supply certification of training for a list of relevant skills, such as medication administration and manual handling.

We collect nurses’ NMC PINs to verify NMC registration and all workers must submit a passport or biometric identity card to verify their right to work in the UK.

The nurse or carer must have at least a year’s work experience before signing up, and we require two references from senior employees who have worked with them previously. 

Who's responsible for keeping a nurse or carer's practice up to date?

Nurses and carers are responsible for keeping their practice up to date, and Florence has measures in place to make sure our workers comply with professional standards. If a nurse loses their NMC PIN due to failing to revalidate, they will be prevented from working on Florence.

Nurses and carers must complete mandatory CPD-accredited training to join, and certification must be renewed annually. Training workshops are also offered to help towards nurses’ revalidation requirements.

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