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What are your rates?

Our rates are set by the care homes. This means the rates you'll see can change depending on your location, skills and preferences.

As a guide, you can expect to see rates for senior carers at £11-17+ph but you may see rates that are higher or lower than this.

If you sign up using our app, we'll send you a notification letting you know the highest rate you can get near you.

I don’t have my documents right now. Can I still sign up?

Yes! You can sign up now and return at any time to finish your profile as you gather your documents.

How can I get a new DBS?

If your DBS has expired, we can start a new application for you. Please email to ask for help on this.

Your DBS will cost £55.60, which we can reimburse to you after you finish registration.

What information will I be able to see before booking shifts?

Before you book you'll see the hourly rate, distance from your address, shift type (day or night) and break information (length of time; paid or unpaid) clearly displayed on the shift before you book.

Also included is number of residents, number of other staff on shift and their roles, skills required, parking availability and public transport accessibility.

How is Florence different to a traditional agency?

We're an app, not an agency: we give you the power to browse and book the shifts you want near you, as well as track and manage your payments.

We're different from an agency because there's no-one in the middle. No phone calls, no being hassled to go to shifts you don't want, no chasing signatures for timesheets: you're in control.

Why do I need a DBS?

You need an Enhanced DBS to work shifts with us, as your work will involve access to vulnerable adults.

I don’t have recent references, can I still sign up?

Yes! Once you've uploaded your CV, we'll be able to look at your experience, and help you figure out who would be best placed to act as your referees.

How will I be paid after I’ve worked?

Get paid by submitting your timesheet in the app after your shift: it will be automatically sent to the home to approve - no chasing signatures, ever!

You will be paid weekly on Thursdays for shifts that have been approved.

For faster payment, hit ‘Instant Pay’ on any shift to get 60% of your wage immediately, before payday. The remainder will be paid in your Thursday payslip.

How does the Florence app work?

Our app gives you a fast and easy way to book and manage your own shifts.

Download it for free and complete registration in your own time, entirely from your phone.

Once you've finished registration, you can book shifts in your area directly from the app, submit timesheets, track payments and view your entire payment history - anytime.

You'll receive personalised shift notifications, and can instantly book the shifts you prefer. You'll always see the shift rate, time, distance and information about the home before you book.

You can also instantly get paid for any shift, without having to wait until Thursday payday; as well as earn unlimited rewards by referring friends.

One of my documents is out of date - what should I do?

You can update your mandatory training for free during your registration using Florence Academy

If your training goes out of date after you've finished registration, we'll notify you in the app and you can update it for free any time, also using Florence Academy.

If your DBS is out of date, please get in contact with us and we can apply for a new DBS on your behalf.

How do I register?

To register with Florence Flex, please sign up and complete the registration form (it's free).

To complete registration, you will need:
- NMC PIN (Nurses only)
- Two references (one clinical, if you're a carer)
- Passport or Biometric ID Card
- Enhanced DBS/PVG certificate
- Up-to-date mandatory training certificates (find the full list here)
- At least six months' employment experience as a carer, or
- At least one years' employment experience as a nurse

If you have any questions during your registration, please contact a member of the team on 0203 911 2555, or email

Alternatively, hit the chat button in the bottom right of your screen anytime to get help.

Who can be my referee?

You'll need two references to complete your registration.Both need to be people you've worked with, who have seen you on shift and can comment on your practice.

Carers and support workers: a band 5+ nurse, or your line manager can provide a reference.

Nurses: a band 6+ nurse, or your line manager can provide a reference.

Can I join as a limited company?

You are paid via PAYE, and aren't able to join us as a limited company.

For more detailed information about your payslip and getting paid, visit our help centre here.

How do you become a carer?

You don’t need any formal qualifications like GCSEs, A-Levels or a degree to become a carer. However, there are several courses you can complete to gain skills and experience before you apply for roles.

These include:
- First Aid skills
- NVQ in Health and Social Care Levels 2 and 3.

Find courses, jobs and carer apprenticeships near you using the government website and NHS website.

Once you have six months’ employment experience as a care worker, you can register to work with Florence Flex here.

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