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Registration Checklist

To complete your registration with Florence, and start booking the shifts you want, you’ll need the following:

  • NMC pin* If you're a nurse you need to provide us with your 8-digit NMC pin so we can check your registration status with the NMC. * If you're a carer we do not need an NMC pin
  • At least one year of work experience You’ll need at least one year of experience to find work through Florence. The homes that use Florence require that you explain any gaps in your employment history.
  • Enhanced DBS certificate We need to see a picture of your enhanced DBS certificate. If it is more than one year old, we’ll also require your DBS Update Service ID. If you have a certificate that is more than 12 months old and are not registered with the update service then get in touch on our live chat, and one of the team will help you get a new certificate.
  • Up-to-date training certificates We require the following mandatory training certificates to have been completed within the past year:
    • Manual Handling
    • Health & Safety
    • Infection Control
    • Medication Administration
    • Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults
    • Life Support
    • First Aid
    • Equality & Diversity
    • Fire Safety
    • Information Governance
    • Food Hygiene
    If you don't have the full list of training certificates or they're older than one year, then get in touch with the team and we’ll help you complete your training.
  • Two references We need to collect two professional references for your application, so make sure you have 2 people that could act as your referee. We accept references from anyone who is a:
    • Care home manager, or another equivalent level healthcare employer
    • Band 6 nurse or higher
    • Up to one representative of an agency that you have worked with previously for a healthcare role
  • Self-employment information When booking shifts through Florence, you will be working as a self-employed nurse/carer. This means you will be handling your own taxes. For more information on registering as a limited company or a sole trader, please visit the government website:
  • Passport or Biometric ID Card To confirm your right to work in the UK we’ll need either a copy of your passport, a valid visa, or a biometric ID / residence card. If you’re British but your passport has expired, then you can provide us with a birth certificate that displays at least one parent’s name, as well as your national insurance number (this can either be a photo of the front and back of your national insurance card, or from a letter that includes it - for example a P45 or P60).

What you'll need:

To complete your registration please make sure you have the following:

  • NMC Pin*
  • At least one year of work experience
  • Enhanced DBS certificate
  • Up-to-date training certificates
  • Two references

Still unsure? Click here to see a detailed checklist of everything you need to find shifts on Florence.

* If you are a carer you don't need an NMC pin

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