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Making my profile discoverable

Why should I make my profile discoverable?

Right now you have to log into Florence, find a shift, apply for the shift and then wait for the employer to accept your application. This can take some time. However if you make your profile discoverable, employers will be able to send you job offers directly. Just sit back and watch the offers come in!

You can still find and book shifts as normal, this is just another way for you to find work through Florence.

I'm worried about my data being shown!

Don't be. Your personal data is not visible to the public, we just show a small summary of your profile to potential employers - enough information for them to make a decision to send you a job offer or not.

By making your profile discoverable you will only broadcast your photo, full name, bio, skills and minimum hourly rate to employers, but that's it. We will not show any sensitive data or contact information on your limited profile. Employers will be able to send you Florence messages once they have sent you a job offer.

Can I turn off discoverability on my profile?

Yes, just go to your preferences and the 'Profile Visibility' section.

What does 'minimum hourly rate' mean?

In this field you enter your minimum preferred hourly rate. If an employer sends you a job offer and you accept, the shift will pay your minimum hourly rate - the employer does not decide the hourly rate when sending job offers.

What does 'maximum travel distance' mean?

In this field you enter the maximum distance in miles you are willing to travel. You will not show up as a candidate for an employer if the shift is further away than your maximum travel distance.

What does 'Allow Florence to increase my hourly rate if possible' mean?

If you leave this on, Florence will automatically increase your hourly rate based on things like peak times, your popularity and your rating. Florence will never offer an employer less than your minimum hourly rate, even with this option turned on.

This ensures you will always get the best possible hourly rate.

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