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What is a DBS check?

An Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check is essential for all patient-facing workers within the healthcare industry. DBS checks ensure that staff are safe to work with vulnerable people and to highlight any previous convictions that they may have neglected in their applications. If you currently work in healthcare services then you will have had a DBS check (formerly CRB check) done when you started that job.

Florence requires that all users must have had a DBS check done within the last year. If you have this then you simply need to upload your certificate to Florence for your potential employers to see. If you do not have a DBS certificate from the last year then we can run a DBS check on your behalf but at the cost of £60 per check.

The best thing you can do is to be registered for the DBS update service which costs £13 per year. This automatically updates your DBS and allows you to show it to any potential employers at any time. It is recommended that Florence users are signed up to this service as it gives you greater independence when getting new jobs.

For more detail on the DBS Update Service, check out the .gov website.

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