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March 11, 2022

8 Nursing Jobs You Might Not Know Exist

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How did you decide to become the kind of nurse that you did?

There are so many nursing specialities out there that there are too many to know them all!

Which means that there are probably a whole load of nursing jobs, some more obscure than others, that you probably didn’t even realise existed.

Check out these not so traditional settings where hardworking and committed nurses are needed every day:

Disney Nurse

Working with princesses, cartoon characters and people from all walks of life, a Disney nurse definitely offers variety.

The large population visiting Disney’s resorts means that nurses have to deal with just about anything, so they need to have strong assessment skills and be comfortable working with all age groups in first responder roles.

Forensic Nursing

One of the most interesting nursing jobs around, this is where health and legal systems intersect. These nurses hang out with detectives and hand evidence to the judge.

After seeing to a patient’s immediate medical needs, a forensic nurse often collects evidence, provides medical testimony in court, and consults with legal authorities.  

Hospital Ship Nurse

An experience that is said to widen your perspective as a nurse, these ships treat the poor, saving many lives as they go around docking in places such as Central American, West and South Africa or in Asia-Pacific.

Hospital ships can work with anything from performing surgeries, helping with childbirth injuries, burns, rickets and facial tumours to dental care.

A nurse will find themselves working with colleagues from a variety of different backgrounds and places, but find a huge sense of community there.

This nursing job gives the opportunity of travelling to some amazing places and gaining very unique experiences.

TV, Radio and Film Medical Consultant

Actors and writers really want to get things right that they put or portray on screen.

After triangulating research from other sources to ensure everything is correct, such as costume bandages, scar appearances and treatment timelines, a nurse can be consulted to ensure situations and the illness are truthfully represented and accurately portrayed.

Cruise Ship Nurse

For those not tied down to responsibilities on land, being a cruise ship nurse is an opportunity to travel the world for 6-months to a year at a time.

Just remember, the money’s might not be great but that's because the benefits are so good!

Nurse Informatics

In the time of a technological switch up, where we see our health and social care services attempting to level up from analogue styles of working in an already vastly digital space, this nursing job is certainly in demand.

These medical professionals blend their medical expertise with technological skills. They are employed by businesses or hospitals to use data and information to improve efficiencies, and quality of care, reviewing new technologies.

Independent Nurse

This role gives nurses more freedom and control over their work life, becoming independent has some pretty special benefits.

You can work where you want and when you want, and you have your own clients!

A platform likes Florence allows you to set up your own nurse profile, book your own shifts and gain your own client base.

You can start making your profile now by signing up for an account on the website.

Offshore Oil Rig Nurse

Oil rigs are home to workers who spend months there at a time, doing relatively dangerous work. The nature of this work means that it is crucial for oil rig nurses to be present.

A nurse can find this role in destinations all over the world and could find themselves working patterns such as 2 weeks of 12-hour shifts and then 3 weeks off.  

Duties might include clinics, safety and equipment checks, water sampling and reporting, hygiene inspections, first aid training and more.

It can be a highly competitive career and very stressful, however, also one that can be rewarding financially and personally.

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