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March 11, 2022

Why you Should Block Book Nurses and Carers with Florence

Mariam Bhatti
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Care Home

We know your care home is working hard to keep residents and staff safe during COVID-19.

We also understand you may still need to fill rota gaps, while having to limit the number of agency staff at your home. 

To help, we’ve introduced a new block booking solution to fit your needs. 

Why should you block book with Florence?

Block booking quality staff through Florence is simple and effective for maintaining safety following coronavirus.

Benefits of block booking Florence staff:

  • Reduce number of staff in your home
  • Work with nurses and carers you’re familiar with and know have the required skills 
  • Continue to set your own rates and stay in control of your spend

How does it work?

You can request to block book staff you prefer when you approve their timesheet after a shift.

This ensures you'll only ever block book Florence staff you know, and have worked with already.

Here's how to block book, step by step...

  1. Select the timesheets tab in Florence.
  2. Select the nurse or carer’s timesheet you wish to block book.
  3. Click the ‘review timesheet’ button.
  4. After rating the nurse or carer for each required field, select the approve timesheet button
  5. A pop up will appear, inviting you to block book this caregiver. 
  6. Select ‘yes'.
  7. Provide dates of the requested block booking, along with any other supporting information - i.e. days, nights or skills required. 

Florence will get in touch with the nurse/carer, to ask for their availability and confirm the booking for you. 

Here to help

Your account manager will keep in touch with you throughout the process, to update you on the status of your requested block booking. 

For longer term bookings of exclusive staff for 3+ months, you may be interested in Florence Exclusive. For more information on this, click here

If you would like any assistance with block booking a nurse or carer, please contact us at or call us on 020 3911 2555

Want to join Florence?

You need to have signed up to Florence in order to block book nurses and carers with us. We offer access to quality nurses and carers to fill shifts over long-term periods.

We’re able to provide greater transparency, speed and simplicity than traditional agencies - see more about how we compare here: Nursing Agencies vs Florence - 5 Differences You Probably Didn’t Know

Florence nurses are:

  • Accountable: Florence’s rating system keeps nurses motivated and professional by rewarding great performance with high ratings, viewable to you when hiring.
  • Experienced: Nurses must undergo mandatory training and have at least a years’ experience before joining.
  • Safe: Nurses undergo extensive background checks, including enhanced DBS, right-to-work and references from senior managers.

Use Florence to find, engage and pay nurses with one simple website platform, on desktop or your phone. We deliver the best-matched staff for your shifts, without the fuss.

Get in contact here to find out more and request a demo today.

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