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April 5, 2022

How to support safe care home visits during lockdown

Mariam Bhatti
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COVID-19: Care Settings

As the four week lockdown commences across England (from Thursday 5th November), the government has issued new guidance on care home visiting during this period.

We know visitation is vital to resident wellbeing, so we’ve summarised what you need to know about keeping your care setting, staff and residents safe this lockdown. 

The government has announced that visits will be allowed to continue during this lockdown under the following provisions: 

Visitation should be limited 

Although visitation can continue through the national restrictions, visits should be prioritised to ensure the safety of your residents, staff and care setting as a whole. 
You can reduce visiting hours and spread these out to ensure there are as few people visiting as possible. For instance, you could introduce a 1 resident = 1 visitor policy. Visitors should also be wearing the appropriate PPE, such as masks and gloves, when meeting with their families (at a social distance).

Safety measures should be put in place 

Your care setting should be COVID - secure this lockdown. Your options for safe visitation could include:

  • COVID secure visiting areas or pods via the use of perspex screens
  • Visits at windows or using cars, where the visitor remains outside of the building
  • Outdoor socially distanced visitation, with one person
  • Enabling virtual visits, encouraging the use of video calls

Communication is key

Do your best to increase your communication with staff, agency staff, residents, and resident’s families to ensure everyone interacting with your care setting is aware of the rules and new safety regulations.

You should aim to communicate that all visits should be planned to reduce wider risk, with ad hoc visits not to be permitted. The Department of Health and Social Care has also advised that care homes across the UK should support the NHS Test and Trace system by keeping a temporary record of all visitors to the home. 

Following these measures will help prevent the risk of transmission in the run up to winter and help to keep us all safe. To access more government guidance on safe visitation this lockdown, click here

Here to help

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