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March 11, 2022

How Dene Grange fills 75% of shift gaps with Florence Rota

Amber Ainsworth
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Florence Rota

Dene Grange is a 50 bed Care Home based in Hexam, Northumberland. Specialising in care for residents with Dementia, their team has built a reputation for excellence in care before and right the way through the Covid-19 crisis.  

Here, we tell the story of how Dene Grange uses our rota software to easily schedule staff during difficult times.

The Challenge

With nearly 50 staff under employment and a growing team of flexible bank staff, Dene Grange’s managers were spending hours on the phone, searching for replacements when a nurse or carer called in sick or booked their holidays which disrupted their rota.

With a mandate by head office to minimise agency use, they needed a new way to quickly respond to these challenges.

Michelle Shippen, home manager at Dene Grange said:

“We needed something that was fast acting, easy to use and connected to all the mobile phones, so we could quickly ping out to all our staff out of hours.”

The Solution

Dene Grange began as a pilot with Florence Rota in June 2020. By uploading all their holiday requests to the platform in seconds, the management team have kept their rota full while providing their staff with far more flexibility than ever before.

“People are looking at the shifts and grabbing what they want, especially on the weekends.”

Moreover, the team has found that they can quickly resolve last minute shift cancellations, in seconds.

“If it’s an emergency, normally I’d have to ring 50 people, so it makes a big difference”

Most of these shifts, which typically would go out to agencies, are now being covered by permanent staff picking up overtime or newly recruited casual bank staff.

“We’re getting 75% shift of gaps covered with Florence Rota.” 

And thanks to Florence Rota's workforce analytics, the team are able to quickly identify any staffing issues and can clearly identify when they have a need to increase their permanent or casual bank staff. 

With less time lost troubleshooting these administrative issues, the team has been able to focus on maintaining their excellent standard of care for their residents.

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