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March 11, 2022

We’re changing the Florence Community: Here’s why

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As you may have heard, the Florence community is getting a refresh!

On Monday 8th February we will be relaunching our new and improved forum to our users. So, here’s a history of our community, a feature preview and some more information on the changes we’re making. 

The Florence community was established in 2018 as a place for Florence nurses and carers to connect, share their ideas, thoughts and advice. We wanted to create a safe space for agency staff to communicate with each other and let us know how they were feeling. 

The community has allowed you to connect with a network of caregivers nationwide and has given the team an opportunity to understand what’s on your mind, what help you may need and how we can improve the Florence experience for everyone. 

Why are we changing?

You told us what you wanted to see, and we took your valuable feedback on board. As our network of caregivers grows and we continue to expand across the UK, we also need our forum to grow! We want to elevate your Florence experience by making the community more interactive, dynamic and better suited to your needs.

So, what’s changing?

Here’s a sneak preview of the wonderful features that will be offered in the new Florence community:

News feed

Our news feed feature allows you to share what’s on your mind whilst keeping you up to date with the latest industry news and guidance. Here you can start a discussion, share a news article or link and communicate both with your peers and Florence. 

Vote on polls 

Interested to hear people’s opinions? You can now create and vote on polls, to spark interactive discussion with your peers. To do this simply click into the question tab at the top of your news feed and select the poll feature - then ask away!

Resource centre

Easily navigate your new community with our helpful resource centre. Here you’ll find Florence announcements, developer updates, upcoming events, Florence academy info and industry announcements. Find everything you need in one place. 

Community events 

As a member of the Florence community you’ll get exclusive early-bird access to our community events and webinars curated just for you, from free training to ask us anything sessions. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our community on Monday 8th February

Here to help

We’re always here to help you find work in your area - if you have any questions at all, please get in touch. Simply speak to your account manager directly, call us on 020 3911 2555 or email, and we’ll do our best to help you.

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