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March 11, 2022

Florence has a new look! What's changed, and why...

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We’ve got a fresh look and new platforms, but we’re still the same Florence

Since we started in 2017, we've grown far beyond our original shifts app - so we thought it was the right time for a design update, to fit who we are today.

We’re really excited to show you what’s changed, and why...

Our shifts platform is now called ‘Florence Flex’

What ‘Florence’ means has evolved. These days, we do so much more than simply connect nurses and carers with shifts. Florence is more than one platform - it’s many.

That’s why our shifts app is now called ‘Florence Flex’, to better represent the flexibility we give care professionals and organisations. 

Flex joins a suite of other products we’ve built for social care, which now also live on our site.

Think of it as 'Florence' becoming the name for a whole family, rather than just one individual.

Florence app is now Florence Flex
Florence app and platform becomes Florence Flex

What else has changed, and what hasn’t 

We’ve updated our logos, colours and illustrations. Aside from these, everything inside your Florence accounts will be largely the same.

Our learning platform Florence Academy and our rota software Florence Rota also now live on Florence. We’re planning to add more products to help social care as we continue to grow. 

This blog, our user community forum and help pages will stay in the same place. You’ll still be able to chat live with our team by hitting the ‘chat’ button in your bottom right corner. Our contact emails and phone number will also stay the same, as will our social media channels. 

See how our new products come together...

How we got here

Florence started out as a marketplace connecting nurses with shifts in care homes. 

Today, we’ve expanded beyond this to become the place social care goes to work better.

We’re helping thousands of people and organisations improve their professional lives; from finding the right shifts, to improving their training, to managing their team.

As our users’ needs have evolved, we’ve built more tech to help.

We’ve launched the new Florence to grow our product family in one place, creating space for us to develop along with our users' needs. 

Staying true to Florence

We wanted our new Florence to feel cohesive, so we created a design system to unite (yet differentiate!) our products; weaving our updated brand identity throughout.

We also wanted to stay ‘like us’. Our Florence feather logo remains core to our identity, while evolving to be incorporated into each of our  products.

Florence feather new logos
Our feather in each product logo

Likewise, we've kept our Florence figure illustrations (plus added some new faces), and Florence purple stays as our brand colour. 

Florence figure illustrations
Florence figures

Our new design is our foundation for going further. It connects the forward-looking spirit we've always had, with our greater ambition to make social care better for everyone.

Here to help

If you have any questions at all about Florence, get in touch - we’d love to chat, whether you’ve already joined us or you're new here.

Call us on 020 3911 2555, or email us at

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