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March 11, 2022

Why Angela Boxall from Majesticare chooses Florence Rota [Video]

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Florence Rota

We love meeting people our tech makes a difference to - so we sat down with Majesticare's Angela Boxall to find out how Florence Rota saves her time.

Watch the video or read the transcript below to hear Angela's Rota story.

Testimonial: a Florence Rota chat with Angela

1. Can you tell us about yourself?

I am Angela Boxall, COO at Majesticare and we provide care for older people in a luxury environment.

2. Where are you based?

I am a Darbyshire gal, but our homes aren’t in Darby, we have homes in Worcestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Evesham...  

3. How long have you been working in care?

Since 1997.

4. Tell us about your day to day responsibilities

COO is a bit of a jack of all trades. The most important role of my job is: people, making sure they are happy, both our workers and residents and their families.

5. How long have you been a customer of Rota?

July 2021, it all happened very quickly, I had a quick demo after which we implemented it straight away.

I’ve been looking for something like Rota for a while.

We are still in implementation stages, as with any new system. We have one more home to go but the rest of our homes are already using rota.

6. Where did you start looking for a product like Rota?

Care shows are always a good place to go, except you don't get enough time with individual vendors and even the simplest solutions seem very complicated when you’re given the full tour in just 10 minutes.

We did meet some vendors and did some follow-ups; however, we found that we liked some features of one product and some of another product so it wasn't quite right, and I abandoned the search for a while. And one day I got a call from Florence and here I am. 

7. What problems were you trying to solve when you were first looking for a product like Rota?

There are so many pitfalls with rotas, too many to name now, but the main one I'd say is time is the biggest issue for the whole healthcare sector.

There are so many moving parts and so many shifts to cover, 365 days a week, we attract a real diverse group of people, many of them work full time some do part time, and finding the time to put all that together in a spreadsheet is challenging itself.

But, the biggest thing is the time it takes to fill a shift when someone has called in sick 15 minutes before their shift.

Someone has to get on the phone to find someone to cover a shift, and that's taking someone off the floor from caring for patients to find someone.

It puts us in an unsafe position.

We want to be out there caring for our residents rather than calling people at 6am to try to come in - and who wants a call at 6am?

8. How has your care home been impacted since using Rota?

We have all gained a few more hours in the day.

We are currently getting used to the system which is great, we can automatically have the rota populate, people don't have to keep coming into the office checking the rota to see what shifts they are on, it’s all at their fingertips now.

Best thing for me now is when someone calls in sick, I can communicate with everyone in just one text - it takes 20 seconds now rather than 20 minutes on the phone.

The people who live in our homes are safer and cared for better, the people who work for us actually get to do what they are here to do, so it definitely has had a huge positive impact on the business. 

9. Were there any obstacles when it came to adopting Rota?

Not really, and what I loved the most about working with Rota’s team was the honesty and transparency.

The communication was there from the start too, we were able to comment and shape the software to our requirements.

The team was so on-board and happy to help.

It was a real partnership I felt, instead of trying to fit into this new rigid system we felt that your team took the time to make the system work for us, so we feel that it’s ours.

10. Has there been anything that exceeded your expectations since working with Florence?

The training and patience of your team, the people that work in our homes are not tech savvy but Florence has gone above and beyond to ensure we are happy with the product, and really took the time to ensure everyone was comfortable using Rota.

11. Were there any curveballs when implementing Rota? 

There will always be curveballs when you are implementing new systems, however, as soon as we came across anything the Florence team were really on board.

For example, we trialled rota for one of our homes... [where] people live in different communities. Some live in nursing communities or memory communities, and what we found [when] we were communicating with all of them was some comms were not relevant for some of the communities.

So, Florence created a feature so that we can categorise our comms for easier communication.

When you have 16-18 care staff all working in shifts, you want to make sure they are in the right place, and you guys jumped on that so quickly.

We weren’t expecting this to be an obstacle but it was for 24 hours only, as you guys jumped on it so quickly.

12. What's your biggest success story from using Rota?

We have more time to do what we go to work to do, which is creating outstanding space for us to care for people.

The success story for us is that we feel like we have a lot of time back.

One of my deputy managers said to me recently that it used to be her full-time job filling last-minute shifts, and now she has time to do her actual job.

If that’s not a success story then I don't know what is.

13. From 1-10, how likely is it that you will recommend Rota to a home?

I already have! And so definitely give it a 10.

14. If there was one word you could use to describe Florence and working with us?

Partnership and relationship, that’s two words but I feel those two are the ones that pop to my head because that’s what it takes for it to be a real success like it has been for us.

Thanks so much for sitting down and speaking with us, Angela.

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