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March 11, 2022

What the Florence timesheets and ratings update means for you

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You told us what you wanted from Florence and we listened. We’re pleased to announce that ratings and timesheets on Florence are getting a refresh. 

Here’s what’s changing and why.


We’re now making it optional for care homes to rate nurses and carers. Instead they will be given the choice to rate someone who has worked a shift at their home. 

If they choose to, care providers will be asked to give an overall rating, and your reliability rating will be automatically updated based on if a shift is cancelled or not.

See how ratings now work in the video below:


We’ll also be asking for more information about the start and end time of your shift if timesheets are submitted with different hours to the allocated shift times.

For example, if you finish a shift later then expected you'll be given the opportunity to provide more information - before your timesheet is submitted and approved.

We hope this will improve communication and speed up the process of getting your timesheet approved.

When you go to submit a timesheet it will now look like this:

This is what you will see once you have submitted your timesheet:

Why we’ve decided to make these changes

We took into account your feedback and want to make sure that each rating is a true reflection of the experience a home has had working with a Florence nurse or carer. 

By having less categories in our rating system, we hope that it will take less time for a home to provide a more accurate rating for you.

We hope the new rating system provides a more dependable score for care providers to refer to when choosing a Florence nurse or carer for their shift.  

Why are ratings still relevant?

Our rating system has revolutionised professional accountability in social care. A good rating will help you find more shifts, as the higher the rating the more likely homes will want to book you.

Ratings ensure we can offer full transparency for our nurses, carers and care providers. 

Here to help

As always, we are here to help answer any questions you may have. Simply get in touch with your account manager using the email address, or by calling 0203 911 2555.

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