Are you a nurse with a limited company, looking for new work opportunities?

Or, are you considering setting up a limited company, but aren’t sure of your options?

Here, we’ll talk about the benefits of being a nurse with a limited company; where you can find shifts, and how to work through Florence - the better alternative to an agency (don’t just take our word for it, Florence nurses think so too).

We’ll also discuss how the UK government’s IR35 legislation allows limited company nurses to work through Florence.

What can a nurse with a limited company do?

If you have a limited company, you can work as an independent nurse. This means you can pick up shifts in different workplaces - either in addition to, or instead of, a permanent job. You’re paid by the hour for these shifts, in a short-term contract role.

Why are such shifts available?

Healthcare providers like hospitals and care homes look for extra nurses during busy periods, or when they are short of staff. There’s high demand for ‘agency’ nurses (as they’re known), due to the UK's medical staffing gap.

Experienced nurses are better suited to working independently than graduate nurses. You’re expected to bring skills to places that need them, rather than require on-the-job training.

Why be a limited company nurse?

There are three major reasons nurses choose to work independently.

1. Pay

You earn a higher rate per hour than permanent workers. Working shifts as an independent nurse helps you make extra money in addition to a permanent role, or take home more if working full time this way.  

2. Flexibility

You can choose where and when you work, picking up shifts that best fit your needs. Being able to choose the work you prefer, whether by rate, location, time of day, or skills required, brings control to your schedule and lifestyle.

3. Experience

Working in a variety of different places, meeting patients and residents with different needs, helps you develop your skill set and gives you a wider experience within your field.

What else should I know?

Nurses with limited companies need to pay their own taxes and national insurance, rather than have their employer arrange this. Find out more about the difference between being paid via limited companies vs. PAYE with Florence.

How do independent nurses find work?

Traditionally, nurses have registered with a nursing agency to work via their limited company. Nursing agencies will act as the middleman to fill healthcare providers' shifts using a pool of nurses who have signed up. Agencies make money by agreeing a rate of pay and taking a percentage. The money left is passed on to the nurse.

Often, the agency will pay themselves well - and neither the nurse or the healthcare provider will know how much they are taking. Florence offers a new way for nurses to work via a limited company.

We're a marketplace where healthcare providers post shifts, and nurses apply. There is no agency middleman. Nurses keep 100% of the rate advertised, and choose which shifts to apply for.

How does IR35 affect nurses with limited companies?

IR35 means nurses can't work NHS shifts via a limited company. Only private facilities are permitted. Florence only lists shifts at privately-owned care homes, so nurses with limited companies can apply for many shifts on Florence.

New rules in 2020 will affect what private shifts can be worked through a limited company. See Florence's plan for how we'll manage this with our guide to what IR35 means for Florence nurses and carers.

Why is Florence good for independent nurses?

Florence gives you the power to book your own care home shifts and get paid by your limited company. Florence nurses see all shift information upfront before applying, including the rate, location and skill requirements.

Our rating system means you know how other nurses rate the workplace before you apply. Payment is fast, with no paper timesheets or signatures needed.

As we’re not an agency, we don’t take a cut of your rate, or pressure you into working inconvenient shifts. You stay in control.

Want to know more? Discover the eight ways Florence is better for you than a traditional agency.

Sound like a place you want to join? Start registration today. It takes a third of the time than a traditional nursing agency - you could be picking up shifts in less than a week.

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