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March 11, 2022

How Do I Book My First Shift with Florence?

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So you’re fully registered with Florence and ready to start working, but you’re not sure how. Beginning to use a new platform that you’re not used to can seem like a daunting task, but using the Florence to book nursing shifts is actually very simple and will make your life as an independent nurse so much easier once you know how to use it.

You’ll quickly see that it’s the easiest way to take control of how you work. So let’s walk through the steps you will take to completing your first successful Florence shift. From browsing shifts to getting paid, here is what the journey will look like.

1. Use filters to display the right shifts to suit you

First off, once you login you will be able to see all the available shifts on Florence, you can then use the dropdown menus above the list of shifts to narrow down your options.

Florence is growing quickly and we have plenty of care homes and shifts to choose from, so it’s useful to narrow down your options. You can customise your search by four factors:

Day or Night

Weekdays or Weeknights

Date Range

Radius (distance).

Using these filters you can find the perfect nursing shift to suit your busy schedule and sift out the ones that are at the wrong time or too far away.

When you click on an available shift on Florence, you can see a description of the home, including how many other nurses will be working and how many carers will be there to support you. This will allow you to judge how much support you’ll have on any given shift.

Note: once you start working at a care home you like, you can develop a relationship in which they will book you regularly through Florence if they like you back.

This is entirely based on your own performance and initiative but it’s easy to do if you perform well on the job and impress the home manager!

2. Apply for the shifts you want to take

You can apply for as many Florence shifts as you like to increase your chances of getting approved for one. Up to 3 nurses can apply for the same Florence shift so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the first few shifts you apply for.

Once you’re on the platform for a while and you build up a good rating and create relationships with the care homes, booking nursing shifts will become easier and easier as you get to know the different homes. Don’t worry, you can’t double book yourself!

Conveniently, once a care home approves you for a Florence shift, all other conflicting applications are automatically removed for you.

Remember: Always try and remove an application before getting approved if you can no longer work a shift. This will make room for another nurse who may want to apply. Also, canceling shifts once you’ve already been approved can lower your reliability rating (more on that below).

3. Remember to submit your timesheet and get it approved on time

Your timesheet will appear on your Florence profile directly after you have finished your shift. Simply login and go to “My Timesheets” to submit. The home will then approve it. For nurses paid via limited company, timesheets are paid a week after the home has approved them. For those paid via PAYE, timesheets are paid every Thursday.

Most of the time they get approved quickly but if you see that one of your timesheets has not been approved in a timely way, it is your responsibility to call the home directly and prompt them to do so.

4. Rate the home

After you’ve submitted your timesheet you will be able to rate your experience at the home. Leaving an honest rating helps the good homes shine and lets the nurses that come after you know they are good places to work.

When the homes approve your timesheet, they will be rating you too, so keep this in mind when you’re working and put your best foot forward!

You will be rated on a series of factors including reliability, care of patients, and documentation. This rating system helps you to develop a good rapport with a care home when you show a positive reaction to working with them and vice versa. it also lets other homes know you are a quality candidate.

5. Payment

After you've completed your first Florence shift and your timesheet has been approved by the care home, your payment with be paid directly into your bank account. Simple!

It’s as easy as that!

Even if you’re not used to booking your nursing shifts online, once you work your first shift through Florence it becomes second nature. You’ll soon find out it’s the fastest and easiest way to book extra work!

Thousands of nurses use Florence on a regular basis to pick up extra shifts and some even work exclusively via our nursing job website. It’s really up to you how much or little you want to work.

Being a Florence nurse means taking control of your work-life and being a truly independent and empowered nurse.

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