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March 11, 2022

How Florence Advertises to Nurses and Carers

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Ever wondered how startup companies advertise their business on a budget? Many startups don’t have a lot of money to dedicate to marketing, so they have to get creative with how they advertise their business so that they get maximum exposure for minimal cost.

At Florence, we’ve always created all our advertisements in-house and our main method of reaching out to new nurses and carers has been through social media.

This has its pros and cons as a strategy. The pros include being able to reach a large number of nurses and carers on a budget, but this goes hand in hand with the fact that we are competing with literally hundreds of other brands for your attention on these social media platforms.

One way we try to stand out from the crowd is by keeping our ads authentic in their content. We do this by using real Florence nurses as our models.

How many times have you seen an ad and completely ignored it because it looked fake or staged and it didn’t speak to you at all?

We try to stand out by presenting images of real nurses and carers who use Florence regularly. Authenticity in our advertising is so important to us because our business is founded on honesty and transparency with our users.

It only makes sense then, to use real nurses and carers who have personally benefited from using Florence to be the face of our company.

Using images like this not only resonates with our audience on a deeper level, but it gives us a rare opportunity to invite some of our nurses and carers into our office to connect with them face to face and get some feedback about what they think of the Florence experience.

Our most recent photoshoot was a resounding success!

We got to know some nurses and carers who are brand new to Florence, and were reunited with some old friends who have been with us from the very start (you guys rock!).

We had a group of 13 lovely nurses and carers from the greater London area come into our office for the shoot. Their experience with Florence ranged from having just recently registered and worked their first shift, to having been with us from the very first year our business started.

We definitely saw some familiar faces, as many of the nurses who attended our first photo shoot over a year ago were eager to return for this one.

Photoshoot with UK Nurses

And it was amazing to see how many nurses already knew each other from having worked together as Florence nurses before!

Witnessing friendships being formed through our company is always encouraging as it shows us that we’re building a positive, inclusive and supportive Florence community, which is one of our top goals as a company.

Photoshoot with UK Nurses

While the nurses were waiting for their closeups, our new Chief Nursing Officer had a chance to chat with the whole group about what their professional needs were, and what resources they’d like to see Florence provide for them in the future.

We strive to be as supportive as possible to the nurses and carers that use our platform, so these interviews were invaluable to us as we prepare to develop these professional support systems, such as training and revalidation, for our users.

Florence CNO with UK Nurses

Overall we had a great day chatting with our nurses and carers and running around our office building snapping pictures. And our models had a fun afternoon getting to know each other, drinking coffee and eating pastries, all while making some money too!

We now have a brand new set of authentic Florence nurse and carer images to us in our ads and we can’t thank our wonderful models enough for making the day such a fun filled success!

Special thanks to our photographer Eleanor Mance-Moran for capturing our nurses and carers in their best light! We hope to see you at the next shoot!

Photoshoot with UK Nurses

Florence is the easiest way to book extra shifts online as an independent nurse or carer. So why not give it a go and sign up to start booking shifts today.

If you have any questions for us, you can contact us via the chat feature on our website, via email at, or over the phone at 020 3911 2555.

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