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April 5, 2022

How to manage sick leave at your care home with Florence Rota

Amber Ainsworth
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Florence Rota

Winter has always posed a problem for managing sick leave at care homes, but this year it is expected to be trickier than ever. With many cold and flu symptoms bearing resemblance to Covid-19 symptoms, there will no doubt be headaches for home managers when it comes to managing staffing rotas.

Here’s how to use our system to get through this winter in four easy steps.

1. Check staff symptoms

If staff are displaying any symptoms for Covid-19, flu, or norovirus, you’ll need to take necessary precautions by asking them to stay home and - in the case of Covid-19 - follow the government self-isolation guidance

2. Check your rota

After a staff member has been instructed to stay at home, have a look at what shifts they were supposed to work for the next two weeks. 

No need to jump on the phone calling all your staff to find cover, you can notify all your bank and perm staff in seconds with Florence Rota.

3. Alert staff

If you're using Florence Rota, you can alert staff instantly. Simply log in and input:

  • Preferred staff type for the shift (nurse, carer, etc)
  • Shift timings (start time, end time)
  • Shift Date

You can select specific staff you might want to offer the shift to first, or send straight to all staff, depending on urgency. 

All they need to do to claim the shift is click on the link in the text and follow the prompts. You'll be notified the moment the shift is covered.

They’ll also be able to see what other shifts are available and choose to take any of those as well. 

4. Fill in your colleagues

With Florence Rota your entire management team can see a real time picture of how close the team is to filling their shifts, and they’ll receive updates if anything changes. 

This means minimal disruption for you and your team while maintaining maximum communication. 

Want more help with your care home staffing? Fill shift gaps easily with Florence Flex, the better alternative to an agency. Or, try our rota software or FREE excel rota template to help build your rota the simple way…

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