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March 11, 2022

How to Maximise your Chance of Attracting Workers to Shifts

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Not all shifts look equal on Florence. We’re a marketplace, and some shifts will appeal more to workers than others - these, inevitably, will get booked first. 

Finding quality staff for your shifts is more important than ever, and making your care home stand out will help.

There are three major tweaks you can make now to maximise your ability to book nurses and carers.

3 steps to appealing to more workers

1. Post shifts in advance

You’re far more likely to fill a shift if you post it a week or more before start. 75% of shifts added more than a week in advance on Florence will be filled. 

If you post a shift with less than a week to spare, finding a worker becomes less likely. This is understandable, as workers will usually have other commitments at last minute. 

How shifts are filled on Florence by days in advance

Shifts filled by days in advance on Florence
Shifts filled by days in advance

Looking at shifts posted on Florence, we can see a clear drop in shifts being filled closer to start time. For example, only 20% of shifts posted with just 24 hours notice are filled with a worker.

Improve your chances by posting shifts a week or more in advance. 

2. Set higher rates

A higher rate than the average in your area will help incentivise nurses and carers to apply for your shift. If workers feel they’re being adequately compensated, they are more likely to want to build a working relationship with you.

The initial higher cost will pay off in the long term, as you build up a pool of workers you know and trust, and can invite back to fill future shifts - ensuring continuity of care. 

You can use the 'custom shift' option to increase rates at key times - for example, bank holidays and weekends. Find out how to do this here.

3. Provide detail and transparency

We see shifts listings that provide more detail about aspects such as preferred experience, number of residents and other staff on shift, are more likely to be applied for. This is because nurses and carers are more likely to look for shifts where they can be confident of what they are walking into, especially if they have not worked at your home before. 

More detail around required experience also allows our algorithm to more accurately match the best-qualified workers with your shift.

In this challenging time, we are also encouraging care homes to be open about the home’s conditions. If you are seeing COVID-19 symptoms, a notification will appear on your shifts and shift reminders (we update this by tracking a daily status report from you). 

Workers are less likely to make last-minute cancellations when they already know what’s happening at your home.

Find out how we're working to keep all Florence users safe with our coronavirus guidelines.

The bottom line? Make your temporary staff happy by meeting their needs, and in turn you will see increased shift fill rates and continuous care maintained.

Want to know more about how you'll benefit from working with Florence? See how Florence is different from a traditional agency, or request more info about working with us here.

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