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April 5, 2022

Top 5 home monthly subscription services for nurses and carers

Amber Ainsworth
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We know that working during the pandemic has put added pressure and strain on nurses and carers. 

Working long hours and caring for others can leave very little time for any duties outside of work, let alone time for yourself.

That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite monthly subscription services to bring some positivity to your day and make your life a little easier during busy times. 


Some days there’s nothing better than getting home from a long shift on your feet and having a nice warm soak in the bath. The temperature of the water increases your body temperature, relaxing your muscles helping you to relax and unwind. Bathbox offers an affordable monthly subscription service for everything bath related, including bath bombs, salts, sherberts, candles and more. Simply open your box, run a bath and enjoy!

Florence nurses and carers can get 20% off when they subscribe. Just follow the link below and use the code ‘thank-you’ to claim your special discount.


When life is busy, shopping for plants for your home is likely to be at the bottom of the priority list. However, in-depth scientific research has proven house plants can reduce stress levels, increase productivity and boost moods. Plus, they make a room look much more aesthetically pleasing. With indoor plants being more low maintenance and having a longer lifespan than flowers, you may choose to invest in a monthly indoor plant subscription. 

With a monthly Bloombox subscription you receive a hand-picked plant each month, with a ceramic pot or basket and advice on how to look after your plant. Plants from across the world will be delivered straight to your door, meaning all you have to do is keep them alive!


When caring for others takes up most of your time, considering your own health and wellbeing can often go ignored. Making sure you have a balance of the right vitamins and nutrients can be difficult when living a busy lifestyle. 

Vitl is a monthly vitamin subscription service which is tailored to your personal needs, providing you with a bespoke nutrition pack based on exactly what your body requires, and eliminating what it does not. All you have to do is take a quick and easy health quiz on the website and their intuitive system does the rest. 

By taking into account your health profile, together with vitamin test results, and even your genetic predispositions, you’ll then receive a monthly vitamin pack with your own personalised vitamins. It won’t take long for you to see the improvement in your overall health and energy levels. 

Florence nurses and carers can get 20% off when they subscribe. Just follow the link below and use the code FLORENCE20 to claim your special discount.

Mindful Chef

On the subject of vitamins and nutrients, it can be tough to make sure you’re eating the right foods and in the right amount when stressed or tired. Meal subscription services like Mindful Chef are great for when you’re lacking in energy or inspiration in the kitchen. 

Each of the recipes are designed to be healthy, and use ethically sourced ingredients from local UK farms and producers. All Mindful Chef boxes are gluten- and dairy-free, plus there can be Paleo-friendly options on the menu. They also offer a flexible subscription where you can skip, pause, cancel or schedule a one-off delivery at any time. 

Costs vary depending on the recipes chosen but you will receive £10 off your first and second box delivery.

Bliss Box

Self-care means looking after yourself, your mental and physical wellbeing and spending some time on number one. This can mean anything from pampering yourself with new products, taking time to write a gratitude list or quite simply sitting with your thoughts. 

Bliss box offers a monthly surprise of 5-6 self-care gifts, an inspirational quote and motivational tip delivered to your door. Whether it be a foot soak for tired feet, or self-care communication cards, the idea of the Bliss Box is to make sure you are taking time out of your day for you. Bliss Boxes can be signed up to on a monthly or quarterly basis and include a variety of products to truly treat yourself with. 

Florence nurses and carers can get 30% off when they subscribe. Just follow the link below and use the code BBNURSE30 to claim your special discount.

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