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April 5, 2022

Fill rota gaps faster with Flex's new filtering feature

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We’ve updated the way shifts appear on Florence Flex.

The update will work for both desktop and mobile and includes a reduction of the number of categories shifts are split into. Users will now be able to look at shifts in the future by selecting either Upcoming or Unfilled using the new filtering feature. 

What does the update look like and how does it work?

Once the user has selected the Upcoming category, this will show all shifts in the future which are either filled or unfilled. 

By selecting the Unfilled category, users will see all shifts that have not yet had an approved nurse or carer assigned to them. This category will also include all information on nurse and carer shift applications and invites.

All pre-arranged shifts will appear here also making it easier for managers to see where gaps in the rota still need to be filled. 

You can see below how the new filtering feature works on mobile. The update makes the process of managing shifts on Florence more streamlined and user friendly. 

With the new update Florence users will save time by being able to use the filter for clearer visibility of shifts. 

We hope it will make it easier to see the status of shifts at your home and quickly find the ones you want to fill. 

Need help?

If you need help, or have any questions about the shift-posting process, please get in touch with your Florence account manager - we're happy to discuss the changes further. You can also reach us on email on, or by calling 020 3911 2555.

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