On Florence, we pay nurses via PAYE and limited company.

If you’re a nurse with a limited company profile, you can now get paid this way and via PAYE. 

Here, we explain the benefits of PAYE, so you know your options fully - or if you're a PAYE profile nurse, understand the perks of using this method. 

What are the benefits of being paid via PAYE?

PAYE stands for ‘pay as you earn’, and is the government’s system for collecting income tax and National Insurance from your wages.

This means your taxes are paid from your earnings before they reach your bank account. 

You can be 100% sure you’re paying the correct taxes this way, and are not running the risk of miscalculating and being chased for back taxes by HMRC. 

Other advantages of being paid via PAYE

1. Pension contributions

2. Entitlement to state benefits

3. Convenience for you

How will I get paid?

As a nurse being paid via PAYE on Florence, you’ll be paid weekly on Thursdays (if your timesheet is approved by 3pm the day before).

Can I work other jobs paid via PAYE?

You can work for other employers, as well as working through Florence, and your taxes will be calculated accordingly. You should always end up paying the same amount of tax, regardless of how many jobs you have that are paid via PAYE.

We recommend seeking professional advice on tax and pensions based on your individual circumstances, to be fully informed.

To read more about working two or more jobs paid via PAYE, please see our longer response to this question at #7 in our IR35 and Florence FAQs

How do I add to my profile so I can be paid via PAYE and limited company?

Simply get in contact with your account manager and ask to add PAYE to your profile. They will send you two things to complete:

They will ask you to:

  1. Complete a one-page New Starter form - you can do this online here
  2. Sign a contract (this will be sent by email and signed online via docusign)

Once you provide these, we’ll do the rest.

Call us now on 020 3911 2555, or email [email protected] to start. 

Questions? Get in touch

If you have any questions at all about adding PAYE to your profile, please check our question and answer page to see if we’ve covered your question to your satisfaction. 

You can also get in touch with your account manager by phone or on email, any time. 

If you’re unsure of your account manager’s contact details, you can call us to ask your question on 020 3911 2555, or email [email protected].

Thanks for working with us during this time, we’re ready and listening for any feedback you have.