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March 11, 2022

How to Post Custom Shifts on Florence

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Looking for more ways to attract workers to your shifts?

Unlock the power of custom shifts - a flexible way to post that can help your care home appeal to more nurses and carers on Florence.

When to use custom shifts

Custom shifts let you edit details for a particular need - like changing hourly rate, start time or skills required.

This becomes useful in a variety of situations, for example, increasing the rate on bank holidays, or posting a last-minute shift that begins later than usual (eg if it's 8:10pm and you require a night shift, selecting the ‘night’ shift preset may not make the shift visible).

We always recommend increasing hourly rates on weekends, bank holidays and other public holidays as a way of maximising appeal to workers.

How to post a custom shift

It's easy to do - simply select the ‘custom shift’ option on Florence.

To create, follow our quick video guide or the written steps below.

1. Click the 'post shift' button in the top right hand corner of the page. 

2. After selecting the unit you’ll be posting for, select the custom shift box on the far right.

3. You can now edit the details of your shift, including the date, shift times, required skills, staff type and rate.

4. Click the purple post shift button and invite your favourite workers. This will also help to increase the visibility of your shift.

Custom shifts can ultimately help improve your shift fill rate, and could earn you more workers who want to come back again and again. For more ideas for improving your shift fill, take a look at our top three ways for maximising your shifts' appeal.

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