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March 11, 2022

How to pre-approve workers and use new shift invites on Florence Flex

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It’s now simpler to fill your shifts with the best-matched nurses, carers and support workers. 

Here, we’ll show you how to use two new functions in your new-look Florence Flex: pre-approving workers and invite targeting.

Using these will help you fill shifts faster with the right workers...

1. Create a ‘pre-approved workers’ list

You can now pre-approve the most suitable workers for your care location(s). 

This means you can select a list of workers you’d like to invite to your new shifts first, ahead of other workers. We recommend pre-approving people you’ve worked with before, as well those with specific skills you require. 

How to pre-approve workers

To get started pre-approving, scroll to the new ‘Worker recommendations’ section on your dashboard. 

Click the ‘Pre-approve workers’ button and you’ll be taken through to your new ‘Workers’ section, where you can build your pre-approved list. 

It looks like this:

Pre approve workers in Florence Flex
Your new dashboard: click to pre-approve workers

1. Pre-approve recommended workers

Here, you’ll see a longer list of recommended workers. These are local workers we've matched as suitable for your shifts.

Choose who to add by clicking the ‘Pre-approve’ button underneath each profile. They’ll automatically go on your list. 

It looks like this:

Pre-approve recommended workers in Florence Flex
Pre-approve recommended workers

2. Pre-approve previous workers

To pre-approve those who've worked with you in the past, click the ‘Previously worked’ tab at the top of the page.

You'll find a list of previous workers. Click the ‘Pre-approve’ button underneath a worker’s profile to add them to your list.

It looks like this:

Pre-approve previous workers in Florence Flex
Pre-approve previous workers

3. Automatic invites 

Back on your 'Recommended' page, you can also turn on sending shift invites automatically to recommended workers.

This means if none of your preferred pre-approved workers are available to work your shift, we will invite other Florence workers to pick it up.

This option gives you the best chance of filling your shifts when your regular workers are busy. 

Turn on automatic invites like this:

Turn on automatic invites in Florence Flex
Turn on automatic invites

2. Use new shift invites to find the right workers

Pre-approving workers and turning on automatic invites sets you up to use your new shift posting options. 

After setting up a new shift as normal, you'll now see two posting options on the 'shift summary' page.

Post shift

Selecting ‘Post shift' means invites will go first to workers who have previously worked at your home, and then to your pre-approved workers without experience at your home.

This gives your preferred workers the opportunity to pick up all the shifts they can, to help you maintain continuity of care. 

The shift will be posted to the Flex platform if it isn’t picked up by anyone directly invited.   

Select 'post shift' like this:

Select 'post shift' in Florence Flex
Select 'post shift'

Invite workers

If you click ‘Invite workers’, shift invites will be sent only to the workers you pick. The shift will be hidden from all other Florence workers. 

You can use this to book workers into shifts they have already agreed to work.

If you have not already spoken with a worker about the shifts you are posting, we don't recommend using this option. 

Tell us what you think

These new functions are here to help you book in the best workers for your needs, quicker.

We’d love to know what you think as you use them: please email any thoughts to - we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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