Using our latest feature, Pre-Arranged Shifts, you can now send shifts you’ve agreed in-person to a Florence nurse or carer you're working with. 

Directly invite the care-giver you've spoken to by hitting the ‘Pre-arranged’ button after setting up the shift.

This keeps the shift private and sends an invite to the person you select. 

It makes working with staff you've spoken to simpler, as you avoid posting the shift publicly on Florence for 24 hours.

How it works

Use Pre-Arranged Shifts when you'd like to work with a preferred Florence care-giver, instead of placing the shift publicly on Florence.

How to post a Pre-Arranged shift

1. Select the unit and site

Select the shift unit and site agreed

2. Choose a shift preset

Choose the shift preset needed

3. Choose when you need cover

Select the shift date

4. Hit the 'Pre-Arranged' button

Hit the 'Pre-Arranged' button

5. Invite care-giver

Choose the care-giver you've spoken to to invite to the shift.

6. Get confirmation

See Pre-Arranged Shift confirmation page

Need help?

If you need help, or have any questions about Pre-Arranged Shifts, please get in touch with your Florence account manager - they will be happy to discuss the changes further.

You can also reach us on our chat function, by general email on [email protected], or by calling 020 3911 2555.