You may be aware that new IR35 legislation is set to come into effect in April 2020. 

Put simply, this means there will be a change in the government’s rules around how you’re categorised to pay tax. 

If you’re a nurse or carer, this could affect how you use Florence, so we’re raising awareness now for how we’re preparing. 

Read on to understand what the changes will be, how they might affect you, and what we’re doing to help make Florence nurses and carers ready. 

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What is IR35?

IR35 is a set of rules that determine the tax and National Insurance contributions that independent contractors like nurses should pay. 

Does IR35 apply to nurses who work with Florence? 

Yes. IR35 applies to independent contractors, and Florence works with nurses who are independent contractors.

‘Inside IR35’ vs. ‘Outside IR35’ - what does it mean?

You might have heard of the terms ‘inside IR35’ and ‘outside IR35’ when talking about this subject - but what do they mean? 

As an independent contractor, your work is given one of these statuses to determine the tax and National Insurance contributions you should pay.

Your work will either be seen as ‘inside IR35’, or ‘outside IR35’ by HMRC.

Inside IR35 vs. Outside IR35

If your work is ‘inside IR35’

If your work is ‘outside IR35’

Who decides my IR35 status?

Previously, you decided your status, and therefore whether your work should be paid via PAYE or via a limited company.

From 6th April 2020, it will be the care home’s responsibility to decide your status - if they are a medium-sized or large private company.

Why is this change happening on Florence now?

Because we work with privately-run care homes, and it's now the law for them to decide the IR35 status of nurses.

Will this affect me if I use Florence?

Florence expects most of our care homes to be defined as ‘medium-sized’ or ‘large’ by HMRC.

This means most care homes on Florence will need to choose how contractors are paid.

It is likely a great number will choose to only pay contractors via PAYE, as happened with the NHS in 2017.

This will likely affect you if you are a nurse who is currently paid via a limited company.

Carers on Florence are now only paid via PAYE, so this shouldn’t affect you as a carer, unless you are one of the small number who are still paid via limited company. If this is you, please get in touch with your account manager, who will explain more.

What does this mean for limited company nurses on Florence?

The same shifts will still be on Florence, but you may not be able to see some or all of them from April onwards.

This could limit the choice of shifts you can work.  

Florence is designed to give you more choice, flexibility and control in your working life. 

And we would like Florence to work for you like it always has. 

If you’d like to continue to see all available shifts on Florence, you can add details to your profile so you can see both PAYE and limited company shifts.

Details added vs. limited company profile
Details added vs. limited company profile

What does 'adding details to your profile' mean?

Adding details to your profile gives you the option to be paid via PAYE as well as via limited company. 

If you add these details, you can still get paid via your limited company from care homes that offer this. Do note, however, that we expect less than 10% of shifts on Florence to be paid this way after April.

There are also several benefits to consider when thinking about being paid by PAYE. Discover more about what being paid by PAYE means here.

How to add details to your profile

In the next few weeks, your account manager will call you to explain what these changes mean for your work with Florence.

In order to keep seeing all available shifts, you will need to add details to your profile.

To do this, your account manager will ask you to:

  1. Complete a one-page New Starter form - you can do this online here
  2. Sign a contract (this will be sent by email and signed online via docusign)

Once you provide these, we’ll do the rest - and you will be able to keep seeing all shifts available on Florence.

Want to get started now? No problem - call us on 020 3911 2555, or email [email protected] to begin. 

How to add PAYE to your profile - Florence

Why would adding details to your profile now help you use Florence?

There are several important ways adding details to your profile will help you after April 2020:

We will keep speaking with you and answering your questions as changes are made to Florence.

If you’re unsure, do take a look at the questions we’ve answered about IR35 and changing your profile on Florence so far here.

WilI I see changes to Florence now?

You won’t see anything different on Florence when you use it today.

But we’re working behind the scenes to get the platform ready.

If you choose to add details your profile to see both PAYE and limited company shifts, we’ll be providing information and support for using Florence when the changes are live. This will be before April 2020.

Get in touch

If you have any questions at all, please check our question and answer page to see if we’ve covered your question to your satisfaction. 

You can also get in touch with your account manager by phone or on email, any time. 

If you’re unsure of your account manager’s contact details, you can call us to get put through on 0203 911 2555, or email [email protected].

Thanks for working with us during this time, we’re ready and listening for any feedback you have.