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March 11, 2022

What to Consider Before Choosing a Career in Nursing

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With an ongoing nursing shortage in the UK, demand is at an all time high for qualified nurses. Choosing a career in nursing is a path many students, and carers who are looking to further develop their skills, seriously consider.

From being in high demand, to being the most trusted profession (beating out doctors!), this infographic shows why choosing nursing as a career is the right choice for so many.

nursing career infographic

There are many reasons people are choosing a career in nursing and they are well worth considering. If you want a fulfilling career in one of the most hireable, trusted and rewarding jobs out there, you should definitely consider a degree in nursing as the next goal in your professional career.

And if you are a student or carer is pursuing further education to become a nurse, using Florence while studying could be a good option for you. Booking your own shifts means you control how much or how little you work depending on your course's work load, allowing you to gain valuable experience and earn money while studying.

To become an independent carer and choose when and where you work, make an account on Florence now.

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