Our Story

The UK healthcare system is endemically short of staff. Every day, thousands of doctors and nurses across the UK perform an essential service by sacrificing their free time to fill last minute rota gaps.

One night, three doctors were providing emergency cover in A&E when they started to discuss the problems with the system. Much of the conversation that night centred around the irritation that healthcare workers experience when called by agencies to work shifts that are either too far away, not at the appropriate level or at times when they are not available.

It also became apparent that all three of these doctors were being paid radically different rates for exactly the same work and that the opaque pricing structures used by recruitment agencies were bleeding the healthcare system dry.

Realising that there was a better way of doing things, Dr Charles Armitage set about changing the way healthcare professionals find, book and get paid for extra work. With a small investment from friends and family, deskspace in London’s tech community, and a year of extensive research, Florence was born and brought with it a new way for healthcare professionals to connect directly to local jobs.

As of November 2017, Florence has registered over 3,000 nurses and works with almost 30 different care homes across London.

Florence at WeWork, 8 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4PL

Phone: 020 3911 2555 Nurse Happiness Team

Monday - Friday · 09:00 - 18:00