Smiling care home manager sending shifts to staff using Florence Auto-fillSmiling care home manager sending shifts to staff using Florence Auto-fill

Auto-fill shifts in 30 seconds

Free employee scheduling for healthcare teams

Maximise your perm/bank team's hours with Auto-fill;  the cost-saving, continuity-boosting shift scheduler for social care and NHS.

How Auto-fill works

One-click invites

Send shifts by text at the touch of a button.

30 sec fill

Staff accept in a tap and your rota updates.

100% cover

Any shifts left are filled by trusted Florence temps.
“Auto-fill has resulted in lots of time saved...  and ensures we don’t have to use an agency.”
Alex Teixeira, Home Manager, Kingston Care Home

Who uses Auto-fill?

Nursing homes

Residential care homes

Supported living homes

Domiciliary care

Mental health services

Complex care facilities

NHS hospitals

Private hospitals

Improve staff engagement

No more stressful chasing to fill your rota.

Give your team a guilt-free way to pick up extra shifts and increase under-used team members' hours.
Care staff member accepting a shift from a text message invite
Smiling Florence nurse

Never a shift unfilled

If you can't fill every shift, invite our high quality, vetted Florence healthcare professionals instead.

You set the rates and choose the candidates. You’re always in control.

Auto-fill FAQs

Will you try to recruit our permanent staff for Florence temp staffing?

No. Your staff are your own, and are protected in our system. 

We aren’t able to see your staff list, and the only contact your staff can get are automatic shift invite texts.

Will our staff see the rates we're paying Florence temp staff?


Auto-fill is separate from Florence’s temp staffing.

Your staff will see their own shift invites and their personal shift schedule, that’s it.

Will our staff see Florence branding?

No, the text message invites and personal shift schedule your permanent/bank staff will see has no Florence branding.

Am I locked into a contract or subscription?

No - there is no monthly or fixed contract, Auto-fill is a free service for filling shifts with your own staff; you use it as you choose.

Any commission on shifts you fill with Florence temps is charged pay-as-you-go, and there is no monthly contract or minimum spend to reach.

My staff aren’t tech-savvy… Is Auto-fill easy to use?

Yes. Your staff simply need to tap a link from the text message they receive to accept a shift.

If your staff have phones with internet, they will be able to use Auto-fill.

Using Florence to send invites is equally simple; 91% of our customers say we're 'very easy' to use, and your dedicated account manager is on hand to provide initial training and answer any questions you have ongoing.

What kind of temp staff does Florence provide?

We provide nurses, care assistants and support workers. You can specify the exact skills and experience you need (eg mental health) when posting the shift.

How much does it cost if I fill a shift with a Florence temp?

You set your own rates but must comply with the national minimum wage.

A small, agreed commission is also charged to you per shift booked.  

Can the same Florence temp come back to my organisation?

Yes - you can save favourite staff and invite them back, again and again.

Can multiple users log in from my organisation?

Yes, you can add as many users as you need.

Will I get charged if I cancel a shift last minute?

No, we don't charge cancellation fees.

What happens if a staff member cancels a shift?

The shift will go live again immediately for others to pick up.

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