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I would recommend Florence Flex, because it's easy to use and very, very straightforward


With Florence Flex, Mamoudou books shifts quickly and easily. Watch the video to hear his story.

“App is very easy to use and the staff is very helpful. Definitely ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

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I can control my work! Florence Flex makes life easier. You're on your phone and you can book shifts - it's all there.


Amalia uses Florence Flex to take control of her shifts. Watch the video to hear her story.

“As a nurse you get to chose whatever shift you want, where and when you like to work. Florence is a very reliable and dependable agency. They are very trustworthy and on point.”

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I enjoy doing my training on Florence Academy... I'd recommend it to my friends because it's very easy to use.


Noreen uses Florence Academy to complete her mandatory care training. Watch the video to find out why.

Florence Flex is very easy - you can access it wherever you are to book shifts.


Elizabeth uses Florence Flex to find shifts that suit her schedule. Watch the video to hear her story.

“Easy to get shifts. No hassles and unfairness of middlemen. Payment system excellent. Time sheet system stress free.”

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I have come to love my job thanks to Florence Flex.


What I love the most about using Florence Flex is the prompt response I get whenever I encounter difficulties on the job. I message the team using the Flex app and the response is polite, and always solves or attempts to solve my issues.

Florence Flex stands out in comparison with other agencies and banks. It's very flexible. You can book all your shifts, send timesheets whenever you want, cancel shifts and get upcoming shift notifications on your timeline. You can also calculate your mileage for each shift.

Before Florence, I did not like my job. I needed to go to the office, get timesheets, get them signed and then send them on via email. It was so stressful getting paid - the calculation was always short, so I didn't get paid exactly what I worked for. It's not like this with Florence Flex.

I have come to love my job and become more proficient in it thanks to Florence. Florence Academy has also given me the opportunity to learn and update my knowledge.

Since using Florence Flex, I've earned good money, and there have been many shifts available in my area.


I like the freedom and flexibility of picking up shifts - how many I want, on the days I want.

From my point of view, Florence Flex is absolutely the best for the way it empowers CSWs, HCAs and RGNs to build their own rota, based on their availability, preferences, and willingness to work.

Compared to other agencies or banks, Florence respects your time. There are no useless calls at  unsocial hours. I have also never experienced any mistakes in payroll.

I would definitely recommend Florence Flex to others - for the stress-free submission of timesheets and picking up shifts, and for the fact you feel valued and respected. As well as this, I would recommend the exceptional quality of training, which is CPD accredited and provided for free with Florence Academy.

Before I had Florence Flex, it was chaos. My availability was not respected by other agencies, calls at unsocial hours were frequent.
I was once called at 7pm, to cover a shift at 8pm, 6 miles away. Another time, I was called for a shift starting 8pm, when I got there, I was told was actually booked for next morning (I work nights only). I was even called during my holiday abroad.

Since using Florence Flex, I've got and maintained good quality training. I've earned good money, and there have been many shifts available in my area.
I felt respected and supported, because I know I will get an answer or assistance for any problem I have.

I’d recommend Florence Flex to anyone wanting flexibility.


I’d recommend Florence Flex to anyone wanting flexibility, without office staff asking why you don’t pick up shifts. You can change your availability to suit you.

Other agencies made me feel I was pressured, or being pushed to work. With Florence Flex, I’ve built up relationships with  care homes and staff.

I've also been offered a dream job at a care home I'm in most of the month.

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