Enham Trust

Enham Trust: Peace of mind – cost-efficiency and ease-of-use.

How we helped

  • Complete peace of mind.
  • Cost-efficiency and ease-of-use.
  • An integral part of your team.


The journey

Enham Trust offers various services for individuals with disabilities, including residential care, home care, physiotherapy, and supported employment, having supported over 250,000 people in its 100-year history. Recruitment poses a significant challenge, particularly in sourcing qualified nurses, care assistants, and support workers.


“My day-to-day job at Enham Trust includes rota planning, client reviews, one-to-ones with senior staff members, and staying up to date with what’s going on,” says Melanie Carpenter, Service Manager.


“It’s a varied role, and sometimes I have to think outside the box and tackle things I don’t expect. Getting agency staff can be time-consuming, and in the past, I’ve waited hours for a callback.


Enter Florence:

“Last week, I posted 20 shifts, and they all got picked up within 10 minutes. Honestly, that’s amazing. The same Florence professionals come back time and again, which is key for us. It means consistency for our service users and permanent staff: they know who everyone is and how they work. You can tell Florence nurses, care assistants and support workers really love what they do. These days, we view them as part of the team.”


“Working with Florence has saved me time and given me peace of mind.”


“There aren’t many agencies that make medication training mandatory, but Florence does. That’s really useful for us. I also like how skills are listed on Florence care professional profiles. That’s great, because it means I don’t have to double-check when people arrive for their shifts.”


“If I need a worker with a specific skillset, I can select the skills I want when I post a shift.”

Rachael Ellis, Director of nursing