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Hansel Foundation: Filling shifts from anywhere with Florence’s ‘easy to use’ mobile app

How we helped

  • Access Florence on the go with the mobile app.
  • Peace of mind wherever you are.
  • Save time posting shifts, no need to log in to a computer.


The journey

Crail & Wilson House, part of Hansel Foundation, offers residential care to 27 residents. Julie Coyle is the Service Manager for both houses, and has been using the Florence app since it was launched, at the start of 2023.


Before using the app, Julie would have to wait to access Florence until she was at her computer. This caused delays in posting shifts, and ultimately finding cover. Due to authentication on her computer, there are also several steps she needs to go through before even being able to access Florence.


Enter Florence:

The Florence client app means that you can complete key tasks, such as posting shifts and reviewing timesheets, all from your phone.


Instead of rushing back to the nearest computer, Julie can now open the app on her phone, post shifts and quickly find cover.  “If somebody calls in sick, it’s easier for me to go on the app and just deal with it at that point”.


Not having to log in to a computer also saves Julie time on a regular basis: “you’ve got it done in minutes”, she says. Saving time is particularly important in her role and in a sector that is under pressure: “you don’t need any hanging around”.


The app also means Julie is able to keep her “finger on the pulse” when she’s not at her desk.


“Go for it, download the app, you’ll get your shifts filled quicker and all information to you immediately”


Julie was initially worried about “whether the app will be too technical and confuse me”. However, since she first started using it, Julie has found the app very simple and easy to use: “it’s so simple and there are no complications… you just press the button to go where you want to go”. Julie can also easily navigate between Crail & Wilson house, accessing each one individually, which is essential for her role and finding cover.


“The app is simple and easy to use, it dispelled all my fear of using apps”

Julie Coyle, Service Manager