Majesticare: No need to worry – reliable staffing, fast.

How we helped

  • From filling shifts in 20 minutes to filling them in 20 seconds
  • Less time on the phone, more time to care for residents
  • No tech skills needed

The journey

Majesticare, an award-winning UK-based care organisation founded in 2000, operates homes across the Midlands and southern England, offering residential, nursing, dementia care and respite services.

However, the organisation faced challenges with manually filling shifts before adopting Florence. With a diverse staff roster, supervisors had to manage schedules and arrange last-minute coverage, leading to time-consuming tasks for managers.

“One of the biggest issues was trying to find cover when people called in sick shortly before the beginning of their shifts,” says Majesticare CEO, Angela Boxhall. “When we have to stop what we’re doing to find someone to fill a shift, it puts us in a dangerous position. We want to care for our residents rather than being on the phone.

Enter Florence

Since using Florence, Angela feels that people in her care homes are safer and receive better care. “Our staff can actually do what they’ve been hired to do,” she says, “so it’s definitely had a positive impact on the business.” After Angela signed up with Florence, the onboarding team gave her staff full training.

“The people who work in our homes aren’t tech-savvy, but the Florence team made everything really clear. We have a real partnership with Florence, which is lovely.”

Before Angela and her team found Florence, they spent hours each month filling shifts and solving staffing problems. These days, they can communicate with team members quickly and efficiently and fill scheduling gaps in seconds.

“I’d recommend Florence to anyone – and I’d definitely give it a 10.”

Angela Boxall – CEO

Angela Boxall, CEO at Majesticare