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Diversity and Inclusion at Florence

Report published July 2022

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Diversity and inclusion at Florence 2022

At Florence, our mission is to give everyone the care and dignity they deserve. To do this, we must be an inclusive and supportive place to work, and our team should be representative of the communities we support.

Our DEI report guides us on how we can help people be their best at `Florence. We know building diverse talent adds business value, gives us greater perspective and contributes to wider equity in society.

We're committed to measuring and improving the balance of diversity in our team every year, using findings from our 2022 DEI report as a starting foundation.

Mission statement

To be a global, inclusive and inspirational place to work where everyone is heard, and innovation is celebrated.
Dr Charles Armitage
Our mission
Recruit and develop a workforce that reflects the communities where we work.
Hear from our customers, colleagues and partners to help us shape our decisions.
Make sure everyone has equal access to opportunities, feels valued and is heard.
Take a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination and harassment.
Pay for performance equally and fairly.
Celebrate our differences so we can truly be an inclusive organisation.

What did we do?

Florence's team is made up of two parts; our office colleagues and our nurses, carers and support workers.

To understand how we are doing in both teams, we did two anonymous surveys in January 2022.

These surveys asked about age, education, ethnicity, religion, disability, pronouns, gender identity, sexual orientation and caregiving.

Florence's diversity and inclusion report on a tablet
Participation rates in our DEI report across Florence offices
Who did we speak to?
Internal 80%  of our internal office team completed our DEI survey
Workers 840 active nurses and carers completed our DEI survey

Our results are benchmarked against the most recent census data from the UK population.

In future we’ll also benchmark ourselves against previous reports, as we aim to continue to improve diversity, equity and inclusion across our teams.

Our key findings

1. Overall, our office team represents the wider UK population.

2. The number of people in Florence’s team who self identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community is lower than we would like.

3. Senior members of our office team are less diverse compared to the wider Florence team.

4. Our nurses and carers showed a higher range of diversity in most categories when compared to our office team; including in ethnicity, LGBTQIA+ and caring responsibilities.

Florence DEI report: pie chart of how our head office identify their ethnicity


- Our office team is currently 70% white, 12% Black African/Caribbean, 5% mixed ethnicity and 10% Asian.

- Florence nurses and care workers are 65% Black African/Caribbean, 24% white, 5% Asian and 2% mixed ethnicity.

Our nurses and carers are currently more ethnically diverse when compared with the UK census. Overall, Florence’s head office team is slightly more diverse than the UK population.

There is more we can do at senior management level to improve gender and ethnic diversity.

We appreciate we’ve got a long way to go in improving representation across our business - this is a great opportunity for Florence in the coming year.

Gender identity

- 50% of Florence’s office identifies as female, 48% as male and 2% as other/non-binary/preferring not to say.

- Our nurses and care workers are 66% female and 32% male, with the remaining 1% choosing ‘non binary’ or preferring not to say.

- Florence’s leadership team is 31% female and 69% male.

Although 50% of our head office colleagues identify as female, there’s a disparity in how they feel about communication, collaboration and decision making compared with those who identify as male.

This is something we need to address and improve. We are working with employee groups and using surveys to ensure we do this.

Sexual orientation

- 91% of our office staff don’t identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, with 9% identifying as LGBTQI+ or preferring not to say.

- 3% of our nurses and care workers identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, with 5% preferring not to say and 91% saying they don't identify as LGBTQIA+.

In the UK, 35% of LGBT employees have hidden their sexual orientation in the workplace. Our aim is to make our workplace an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone.

We’ll be working to improve this by recruiting with our specialist partner myGwork, and ensuring our LGBTQI+ group supports each other and identifies further actions to take.


A caregiver is someone who is responsible for caring for a child or an adult.

At Florence, 10% of our office staff are caregivers and 16% of our nurses and carers are caregivers.

In the UK, one in eight adults (12.5%) have caregiving responsibilities, with five million people juggling care responsibilities with work. Our office team is not currently representative of the wider UK population.

As a leader in the care industry, we're aware we need to improve the way we promote flexible working hours across our teams; this will help us be more supportive to our caregivers.  

of our internal staff
are caregivers
of our nurses & carers
are caregivers


- 98% of head office staff do not identify as having a disability.

- 97% of our nurses and care workers do not identify as having a disability.

In October-December 2020, 20% of working age people (16-64) were recorded as disabled. It’s clear we’re not where we want to be here and we have a lot to work on.

We commit to improve the way we attract, hire and keep people with varying abilities.

Our commitments for 2022

We have an action plan delivered in collaboration with our IDEA Champions, leadership and people teams. The key focusses are:


We will improve understanding around diversity and inclusion


We aim to improve so everyone feels valued and heard at all levels of the business


We will continue to learn and help develop diverse talent
How will we do this?

32% survey comments were about raising awareness and celebration

Understanding: We will run focus groups and survey our head office and worker teams to make sure we’re being the best we can be.

We will provide our team members with a toolkit of useful resources to ensure our awareness is best in class.

We plan to rollout Inclusion and Diversity Awareness training throughout 2022.

We commit to holding more person-centred discussion sessions as part of our Lunch and Learn programme focussed on inclusion, diversity and awareness.

Celebration: We will continue to build awareness and celebrate diversity through our global Inclusion Awareness campaigns throughout the year.

We are asking everyone to support and engage with our global inclusion events and Lunch and Learns.

Care professional signing
A rainbow flag

7% comments were about improving diversity and removing bias in recruitment.

Feedback: We are expanding our Inclusion, Diversity, Equality and Awareness team (known as IDEA Champions).

This is a cross-functional group of inclusivity all-stars who drive opportunities for education, improvement and connection across the business.  

Their mission is to create a sense of belonging for all, build a diverse workplace where everyone feels valued, and provide a fair, accessible and inclusive service.

Recruitment: We will expand our diverse recruitment pool by joining networks and events.

- We are taking part in 1000 Black Interns in 2022.

- All managers will attend bias in recruitment training in 2022.

- We have partnered with a range of organisations who work to tackle systemic inequalities in the workplace: Girls Who Code, BMEjobs, Disability jobs, Women In Tech, myGwork.

35% comments encouraged more cross-team collaborations and events

Events: We are seeking more members for our Culture Club across the business and will work with managers to build an even more social and collaborative culture.

Collaboration: We will work together with our people team, IDEA Champions and management team to drive our DEI agenda forward.

The collective focus is to make sure we stick to our aims within the company and throughout the hiring process to help build an inclusive and diverse culture.

Florence DEI report: colleague collaboration

3% comments were about training for managers and colleagues

Training - we will review our training programme for all head office team members. This covers onboarding, communications, team building, inclusive language, managerial and DEI-specific training.

We will train all hiring managers on how to reduce bias throughout the hiring process.

Monitoring and data

It’s important we hold ourselves accountable to our mission.

Throughout the year we'll check how we're tracking to our goal to make Florence an inclusive and supportive place for everyone.

We will add diversity monitors to our hiring process and product to give us visibility on how we're meeting our aim to create a more diverse workplace.

We will continue to monitor our engagement, applications, recruitment, development and leavers by diversity and demographic profiles, and work to address any issues uncovered.

Florence DEI report: data and insights

Final thoughts

We are seeking to engage colleagues from a wider range of backgrounds, and are improving our networks for attracting diverse talent.

As we evolve as a company, our mission to give everyone the care and dignity they deserve will remain at the centre of all we do.

We are committed to being a global, inclusive and inspirational place to work where everyone is heard, and innovation is celebrated.

We welcome any suggestions, feedback or questions about our 2022 DEI report. Please get in touch below.
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