Free template and guide

How to audit your care staffing agency

An essential guide for procurement directors to help make auditing adult social care staffing agencies simple. Includes a free template.

Written by Dr. Charles Armitage, a doctor turned CEO of Florence, this insightful guide is tailored specifically to help procurement directors navigate the complex world of agency staffing compliance.

You’ll discover inside:

  • Risky agency practices: How to identify and address common risky practices such as outsourcing payroll to umbrella companies, misapplying the nursing VAT concession, and incorrect IR35 status determination.
  • Audit objectives: How to set up your audit to uncover unethical practices, including non-compliance with pre-employment checks and failure to pay the living wage.
  • Conducting audits: Detailed steps on how to communicate with agencies about the audit, structure your audit, and report findings.
  • Audit template: A comprehensive template to use for auditing your agencies for ethical recruitment practices and financial and legal compliance.

Use this guide to protect your business from financial and legal risk, while elevating care standards at your group.


Agency audit template for procurement directors

By following this agency auditing guide, you’ll make sure your care group only engages with ethically run and compliant staffing agencies. Safeguard your organisation’s integrity and your service users’ wellbeing with our free guide and template.