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Whistleblowing policy and procedures

Our Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures document is designed to guide staff on how to report malpractice, safety issues, and other concerns within the organisation. It outlines the steps for raising concerns, ensuring they are handled confidentially and without retaliation.

Key Sections:

  • Policy Statement: Commitment to safety, respect, and upholding human rights.
  • Scope: Covers relevant legislation such as the Health and Social Care Act 2008, Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013, and Enterprise and Reform Act 2013.
  • Whistleblowing Definition: Staff’s duty to report concerns about malpractice, safety, wrongdoing, or illegality.
  • Whistleblowing Situations: Examples include abuse, unsafe practices, theft, false information, and breaches of privacy.
  • Reporting Procedures: Steps for staff to follow, from challenging unsafe practices to consulting management or the CQC if necessary.
  • Protections for Whistleblowers: Assurances against victimisation or unfair treatment.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Use of whistleblowing as a quality monitoring tool.
  • Record Keeping: Requirements for documenting disclosures and responses.
  • Training Requirements: Informing staff about the policy and procedures.

Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures