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March 11, 2022

10 Awesome Easter Care Home Activities

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An increasing number of care homes are understanding the value of implementing activity plans within their establishments - and it’s time for you to join them.

Organising fun activities can positively impact residents’ mental health and well-being - and keeps staff members engaged too.

With Easter around the corner, this is the perfect time to engage in some easter nursing home activities and brighten up residents’ faces!

Organising fun things to do and encouraging hobbies for residents provides stimulation and improves an individual’s quality of life, satisfying an essential need for people in care, irrespective of age, gender or disability.

The National Association for Providers of Activities for Older People (NAPA) found that carers enabling residents to continue to participate in activities, helps to reduce issues such as depression, dependency and isolation.

You can find out more about NAPA and what they can do to help care homes to improve and establish quality of life for residents outside of healthcare here.

Additionally, you can use this Easter as an opportunity to welcome new residents, make them feel more at home and encourage their relatives to get to know your home better.

10 easter nursing home activities

1. Egg Hunt


Hosting a chocolate egg hunt is a fun and exciting activity for the more mobile residents of your nursing home.

Open the doors to residents’ family and friends and get them involved in the hunt.

This nursing home activity is a classic from most of our childhoods and will make way for some nostalgic fun amongst the community!

2. Easter Themed Raffle


Setting up an Easter themed raffle is a great way to kick-start any fundraising campaign - or be the inspiration for some fundraising.

This easter nursing home activity is also a fantastic opportunity to pull in the local community and get everyone involved with the chance to win some exciting prizes!

3. Easter Bonnets


Get everyone’s creative side going by creating easter bonnets using chicks, eggs, paper and daffodils.

This is the perfect activity to include younger family and friends who love to get involved in some arts and crafts.

4. Easter Egg Decorating


What’s Easter without decorating a few eggs? This is another low-cost, easily organised activity for care home residents to get involved in - all you need is some hard boiled eggs and art supplies.

Raise the stakes by making it a competition for the best design!

5. Afternoon Tea Party

Host a special tea party for residents and relatives. Get residents involved by encouraging them to create Eater decorations for the table and room like bunting, flowers and balloons.

This easter nursing home activity is a great way of getting less mobile residents involved in the activities.

6. Baking Day

Practice your best Mary Berry impersonation and organise an Easter themed baking day.

This easter activity can be easily adapted to accommodate everyone’s abilities  - from chocolate rice cakes to decorating biscuits to a Victoria sponge.

7. Music Sing-a-long

Music is a great way to bring residents together and have some nostalgic fun.

There have been studies that suggest music can play a role in therapy for residents living with dementia and Alzheimer's as a soothing mechanism.

Play music that residents have fond memories of, or even have a karaoke competition for some light hearted fun.

8. Easter Bingo

9. Entertainment

There are travelling theatre companies who are great at putting on shows and running workshops within establishments such as care homes.

This is more cost effective than you might first think and brings a lot of value to your residents. Rah Rah Theatre, for example, specialises in shows for over 60s.

Enjoy your activities and have a happy Easter.

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