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June 30, 2023

Florence launches in Canada

Jeanne Loganbill
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Life at Florence
Florence launches in Canada

We're excited to announce Florence is now live in Canada.

Canadian healthcare providers can now use Florence to fill shifts fast with their own staff first, as well as connect with trusted nurses and support workers to cover open shifts.

We’ve worked with more than 90,000 health and social care workers and more than 4,000 organisations in the UK and France since 2016, and we raised $35 million in a successful Series B funding round in June 2022.

Florence Canada represents the latest step in our mission to solve the global healthcare staffing crisis, and we’re excited to get going.

How does Florence work in Canada?

Healthcare and long-term care organisations can use Florence to schedule permanent staff and fill shift gaps with fully-vetted healthcare professionals, reducing agency spend.

Meanwhile, nurses and support workers in Canada can use Florence to find flexible shifts in their area. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Florence app in Canada
Florence app in Canada: shift details and payments

Making a difference

As the population ages, the demand for healthcare in Canada is growing. At the same time, a chronic shortage of skilled professionals means the country’s healthcare system is under greater pressure than ever. 

Nurses are leaving the industry in record numbers because they’re unhappy with working conditions, long hours and a widespread lack of on-the-job support. Stress, exhaustion and burnout are common; meanwhile, more healthcare professionals retire every year than enter the sector.

Florence app in Canada
Florence app in Canada: viewing a shift

Our mission is to help healthcare organisations and professionals across Canada provide their best care, by cutting out the stress associated with a typical agency.

Healthcare staff take control by choosing their own shifts, while healthcare providers save time by booking trusted staff directly.

Our new managing director for Canada, Shelly-Ann Rampersad, will lead Florence as it expands across the country. Previously the vice president of clinical operations at Toronto-based technology start-up Maple, Shelly has more than a decade of experience in the Canadian healthcare system.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the team at Florence”, says Shelly, “and I look forward to working alongside healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations to create a more sustainable path forward.”

Florence co-founder Dr Charles Armitage shares her enthusiasm.

“We’re so excited to bring Florence to Canada under Shelly-Ann’s leadership”, he says. “Canada is in the middle of a significant workforce crisis, and we’re looking forward to helping providers use technology to build a flexible, efficient and high quality workforce.”

Join us in Canada

You can find Florence Canada at

Nurses and support workers can sign up to join us here, and healthcare organisations can book a demo here.

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