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March 8, 2024

Quiz: Could care home nursing be right for you?

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Quiz: Could care home nursing be right for you?

In the heart of our communities, care homes offer nurses unique opportunities, challenging the myths often held about the true value of nursing in social care.

In this article we challenge some of the commonly held myths about nursing, as well as give you the chance to find out if social care nursing is right for you in our quiz.

Dispelling the myths about nursing 

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the busy corridors of hospitals and the NHS? Many nurses and care assistants have concerns about moving into social care, fearing things such as: a loss of clinical experience; the security of NHS pensions or feeling alone on shift. Yet, the reality of working in care homes paints a different picture - one where professional growth, support, and personal fulfilment are all readily available.

- Build rewarding connections

Perhaps the most profound discovery awaiting you in care home nursing is the deep, personal connections you'll form with resident and their families, that just aren’t possible on the hectic day-to-day of a ward. “It’s the small moments, like sharing stories over a cup of tea, or holding their hand when they are feeling low,” reflects Linda, highlighting the emotional rewards that come with care home nursing. “These connections are what make every day truly fulfilling.”

- Gain new clinical experiences

“Every day brings a new challenge and a chance to learn,” says Sarah, a former NHS nurse who transitioned to care home nursing. “The skills depend on where you work, but for me, I deal with anything from tracheotomies to managing complex care plans to providing palliative support. The scope of clinical skills I practise has not reduced but deepened.” This variety can not only sharpen your clinical knowledge but can also enrich your professional journey.

- Protect your future

Worried about pensions and financial security? “Transitioning to social care was a leap of faith,” admits John, “but finding that I still had access to a private pension, on a par to the NHS, was a huge relief.” Whether you join as permanent staff or through an agency like Florence, competitive pension schemes and benefits are part and parcel of your new role, ensuring you can make the change with peace of mind.

- You’re not alone 

The notion of being a lone nurse in social care settings is another myth we're keen to dispel. “The support I’ve received from Florence’s team has been phenomenal,” shares Emma, who often works in independent roles. “Knowing there’s always someone to turn to, whether for clinical advice or emotional support, makes all the difference.” This robust support system ensures you're part of a community that values teamwork and mutual support, even in the most independent roles.

- Gain flexibility and freedom

One of the most appealing aspects of working in social care with an agency is the unparalleled flexibility it offers. “Working with Florence allows me to balance my professional commitments with my personal life perfectly,” says Sarah, who enjoys the variety of working across different care settings. “It’s empowered me to build a career that fits my lifestyle, not the other way around.”

As we challenge the misconceptions surrounding nursing in care homes, a world of opportunity unfolds - a world where your skills, compassion, and dedication can shine in new, meaningful ways. With the support, training, and flexibility offered by organisations like Florence, there's never been a better time to explore the fulfilling prospects of social care nursing.

Social care nursing quiz

Take our quick quiz and find out if care home nursing is right for you:

1. Do you find fulfilment in building close relationships with those you care for?

   - Yes

   - No

2. Are you looking to care for the person and not only their medical problems? 

   - Yes

   - No

4. Do you enjoy providing long-term holistic care?

   - Yes

   - No

3. Are you seeking a less hectic work environment?

   - Yes

   - No

5. Are you interested in exploring new clinical experiences and challenges?

   - Yes

   - No

7. Are you looking for a role with flexible working hours to suit your lifestyle?

   - Yes

   - No

Mostly Yes?: Fantastic, it sounds like care home nursing could be a perfect fit for you! With opportunities for deep personal connections, flexible working arrangements, and continuous growth, a rewarding career awaits.

A mix of yes and nos?: Social care nursing can offer a deeply rewarding experience. Why not try it out by mixing hospital shifts with social care? If you are permanent you could request to change to a part-time role, and top up with social care shifts via an agency like Florence. If you are with Florence you can choose from NHS and social care shifts via the app.

Mostly nos?: Ward life is currently best suited to you. 

If you want to learn more about working shifts with Florence, either in  the NHS or elderly care, find out more here.

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