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April 5, 2022

How to keep staff morale high in your care home

Amber Ainsworth
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Florence Rota

This year everyone needs a little boost, but perhaps even more so for those working in the care sector.

If you manage a care home and are looking for ways to keep morale high, here are a few ideas to help inject positivity into the workplace.

Gifts and giveaways

A little effort goes a long way when it comes to pampering your staff, and it need not be fancy. Complimentary meals, vouchers, giveaways, anything that can be afforded will have a big impact on happiness and motivation levels. 

Why not initiate pizza Fridays, or takeaway Tuesdays? Even replacing the old instant coffee with something a little more fancy could brighten a day or two. You know your staff best, so take a little time to show them they’re appreciated in whatever ways that mean the most to them.

You might even consider reaching out to your local community to see if there are ways they’d be willing to pitch in.

Constant communication

Keeping staff in the loop as much as possible with any updates, changes, or news in general will help them maintain focus and feel in control.

This includes clear communication when it comes to designating shifts - something easily done with the Florence Rota system!

When staff know what’s going on and can share a common goal, they’ll be all the more willing to put in the hard yards to get there. A weekly newsletter or team catch-up meeting will prevent any disillusionment or resentment caused by lack of information.

Recognise and reward

The simple act of recognising and rewarding staff efforts will undoubtedly have a positive impact on mood and morale, so coming up with even the simplest of awards systems will be well worth the effort.

A ‘carer of the month’ scheme is a good place to start, but whatever you come up with, have fun with it! 

Opening up the dialogue on professional performance can work both ways, so you should also have a think of ways staff can feed back to their managers - both positive and negative. Doing this will ensure a sense of staff responsibility and control over their own work life. 

Encourage breaks

Stress and burnout are not only dangerous to morale, but can affect other staff and even care home residents.

When employees are tired, they’re more likely to make mistakes and become unproductive or ineffective at their jobs.

Managing the stress and anxiety of Covid-19 on top of everything else means that staff should be given every opportunity to take a break whenever needed.

It might be a good idea to even go as far as creating a ‘relaxation room’ if you have the resources and space for it. Soothing lighting or music, nice herbal teas, an arrangement of healthy snacks on offer, and a comfy seating area will do all sorts of wonders to restore energy and balance.

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