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April 5, 2022

How to get sponsorship for a Health and Care Worker visa

Ella Moody
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At Florence we often get a lot of questions about whether we sponsor visas to the UK. 

At the moment we don’t offer visa sponsorships. But, roles in care are in high demand in the UK and we want to make sure that as many brilliant carers, support workers and nurses get the opportunity to come and work here. 

So, here’s a handy little guide to get visa sponsorship in the UK: 

To qualify for a Health and Care Worker visa you must:

  • Be a qualified doctor, nurse, health professional or adult social care professional
  • work in an eligible health or social care job
  • work for a UK employer that’s been approved by the Home Office
  • have a ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from your employer with information about the role you’ve been offered in the UK
  • be paid a minimum salary - how much depends on the type of work you do

How can I become a carer? 

To get a visa in the UK you’ll need to work for a UK employer that’s been approved by the UK Home Office. 

If you want to become a carer but have no experience there’s lots of ways you can get into the care industry (see our UK-based advice for becoming a carer without experience here). 

We’d recommend working as a carer for a few months to a year in your home country before applying for jobs in the UK. You’ll be much more likely to land a job with experience. 

You can also get free accredited training for UK social care with Florence Academy

Once you’ve completed this training you’ll get certificates which shows that you have the qualification which could help support any UK job applications.

How can I get involved with Florence?

Once you’ve got a certificate of sponsorship for a visa and have six months’ experience in your role, don’t forget to sign up to Florence Flex to work flexibly and take back control of your time. We’d love to have you join the team!

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