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August 1, 2023

9 little things that make nurse life much easier

Ellen Norris
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9 little things that make nurse life much easier

Nursing can be challenging, yet rewarding. Whether your feet are sore from a long shift or you need to relax after work, it’s sometimes the little things that can make a surprisingly big difference to your day.

Check out our top nine nurse hack items that make life just a little bit easier, both on- and off-shift.

1. Get an insulated water bottle

Insulated water bottles keep cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot - for hours! Whether you want your water ice cold or your tea to stay piping hot, this type of bottle has your favourite drink covered for your shift. 

Click here to buy.

2. Wear compression socks

We all know the pain of swollen feet after a long day rushing about. Swap your ‘normal’ socks for bloodflow-boosting compression socks while at work, to help cut the risk of foot swelling altogether. 

Check out these colourful, patterned socks to brighten up your shift.

See more about how you can use compression socks to improve your circulation here.

3. Organise your pockets - for good

This genius pocket organiser keeps your essentials in place at all times - no more digging about for that missing tape! Plus, it’ll stand up on its own in front of you when sitting at a desk.

A bargain for peace of mind, get one for under £20 here.

4. Clip hand sanitiser to your belt

Sanitise hands while you’re rushing from A to B with this handy, NHS-approved gel that clips to your belt. 

Get it here.

5. Keep a journal to stay mindful 

Try journaling to reduce stress and get back some me-time.This mindfulness journal for nurses helps you reflect on your practice, set goals and focus on the positives to help you grow both in and outside of work. 

Get it here.

6. Never lose pens again with a pocket clip

Use this pocket clip to keep your pens on you and stop them slipping when you bend down on shift. It also fits scissors and your pen light! 

Get it for less than £3 here

7. Soften sore hands with a fast-drying cream

Dry hands are inevitable with all the sanitising and hand washing you’re doing everyday.

Treat yourself to some quality lotion to keep your hands nice and soft and prevent dry, cracked skin.

We recommend non-oily hand creams that absorb quickly so that you don’t lose grip while working with patients. Try this soothing lotion for dry hands.

8. Treat your feet to nursing shoes

Super high-comfort shoes are a must for nurses - don’t settle for anything less than the Rolls Royse of comfy shoes when you’re on shift. 

Quality shoes help prevent lower back, knee and leg pain, too - pick from a range of top-tier, affordable nursing shoes here.

9. Book your own shifts with the Florence app

Improve your perfect work-life balance with the Florence app. Instead of waiting for a call from your agency rep, you can find high-paying shifts near you and book them instantly on your smartphone. You’ll also benefit from:

  • Generous hourly rates in your area
  • A private pension to make retirement easier
  • Total control over when and where you work
  • Instant Pay option (up to 60% after your shift)
  • 24/7 support from a friendly team

You’ll also get access to 70+ CPD-accredited courses on Florence Academy. One of these being our free First Aid course, for a full list of Florence benefits, click here.

Making life easier

We understand that nursing can be a demanding job, but little things can make a difference and help nurse life become more trouble-free. Try our favourite nurse hacks today to make life as a healthcare worker that little bit easier.

Florence can help you find flexible shifts near you, take essential training courses, and improve your work-life balance. Find out more and sign up today.

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