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January 24, 2024

5 reasons the new care workforce plan makes care careers better

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5 reasons the new care workforce plan makes care careers better

Great news for those looking to get into care roles: the UK government has recently announced a new plan to develop and professionalise the care workforce. 

This plan is a huge step towards recognising the valuable contribution that those who work in care make to society.

Social Care Minister Helen Whately said, "The workforce is the heartbeat of the social care sector, and staff should be given the recognition and opportunities they deserve."

What does this mean for those working in care, such as care assistants and support workers? 

1. National recognition 

The new plan recognises that care work is a skilled profession and aims to promote it as such. 

2. A national care career structure 

With defined roles and professional development: The plan will provide a clear career pathway for those working in care, with defined roles and professional development opportunities. 

3. New qualifications 

These include a Level 2 Adult Social Care Certificate and digital leadership qualification. These new qualifications will help care workers to develop new skills and enhance their knowledge. 

4. Subsidised training places

So people on limited incomes can afford the training needed to develop a sustainable career in care. 

5. New care apprenticeships

The government will invest over £20 million in care apprenticeships, allowing people to learn while they earn.

Charles Armitage, Founder of Florence, said, "This plan is a much-needed step towards solving the social care recruitment and staffing crisis. We hope it comes to fruition after years of underinvestment in the sector and the people who work in it. We previously developed our Pathway to Care course to fill this gap. However, a government-supported and funded initiative would be an even more significant step forward to improve the professional lives of those who work in care."

If you’re ready to start a career in care, you can find our cost-free, accredited Pathway to Care course here. There has never been a better time to start a career in care.

For those with 6+ months of experience working in care, why not sign up to our app to discover care shifts in your area? Download the app. 

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