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March 11, 2022

Nurses in Scotland can now Join Florence Flex

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We’re delighted we can now welcome nurses in Scotland to Florence

Florence has been available in England since 2017, and since then nurses and carers have worked almost one million hours and earned more than £20 million via shifts booked through us. 

We can’t wait to see our nurses in Scotland discover similar opportunities with Florence. 

>> Sign up here << to begin your registration today, or read on to discover more benefits of joining us...

What are the other benefits of joining?

The beauty of Florence is nurses can work flexibly, picking up shifts as and when you prefer.

We represent a new way to work independently, with everything from finding shifts to receiving payment managed in one convenient place. 

Benefits include:

  • Simple shift management: Find shifts near you via our app, where you'll get suggestions for the best shifts to apply for based on your location and professional skills. 
  • No signatures: Timesheets are handled through Florence with several taps of a button, removing the need for chasing signatures. 
  • Ratings transparency: you can rate care providers after a shift, contributing to a public score available to all users. This transparency gives you confidence in choosing which care providers to work with, especially useful if you haven’t worked at the care facility before.

How to join?

It’s free to sign up by clicking here.

On joining, you’ll receive a dedicated account manager to support you throughout the joining process. 

Onboarding is simple, and takes a third of the time taken at a traditional agency, as you can do everything yourself from the comfort of home. 

To complete joining, you will need…

  • NMC PIN 
  • Two references
  • Passport or Biometric ID Card
  • A picture of your PVG certificate.
  • Up-to-date training certificates (if your certificates are more than a year old, you can complete your training for free on Florence Academy)
  • At least one year of work experience

A full registration checklist can be found here

Any questions?

If you have any questions about joining Florence, we’re happy to help. There are several ways you can get in touch...

  1. Live chat: Visit our help centre here and click on the purple icon on the bottom right of the page to speak to us on live chat.
  2. Call us - our Scotland team's number is 0141 264 2374, open between 9am-5:30pm, Monday - Friday.
  3. Email us - our Scottish address is

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