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May 3, 2023

New: free Pathway to Care course for beginners in care

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New: free Pathway to Care course for beginners in care

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Pathway to Care course on Florence Academy.  

The free, first-of-its-kind course helps total beginners, including school leavers, learn key skills ahead of starting a career in healthcare. 

You can take the course without having any previous care experience, before doing the Care Certificate or a nursing degree.

What to expect from the course

Pathway to Care course on Florence Academy
Pathway to Care course

Eleven modules guide you through the basics of adult social care. You’ll develop skills and understanding at your own pace, and receive free certificates after completing each module. 

Find out more and start the course here

Why did we make Pathway to Care?

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to get into caring careers. 

The NHS has a vacancy rate of 11.8%, and social care a rate of 10.7% - we need to make it easier for more people to get into care and stay. 

Our recent study found 53% of healthcare professionals are calling for more sustainable long term plans for the future of the NHS. 

Plus, two in five (46%) said more training grants are needed to support more people into the industry overall, helping to close the gap between staffing levels and vacancy rates. 

Dr. Charles Armitage, our co-founder and CEO, said: “The NHS and social care system is on the brink of collapse and is not equipped to deal with the challenges it faces. This shockingly high backlog exists because we simply don’t have the front-line staff in place to deal with growing demands. Our Pathway to Care course is designed to help solve the demand problem, by introducing a career in care to a wider, younger audience, with accessible, online content. 

“Current staffing levels are significantly impacting quality of care. We’re seeing a dramatic increase in wait times as elective surgeries put on hold during COVID-19 restarted, but we simply don't have the front line staff to deal with the added pressure. This combined with a high vacancy rate is leading to unprecedented pressure on healthcare services.

“The Pathway to Care course starts to solve the long term problems that the health and social care industry is facing. It takes years to train healthcare professionals, we need to plan effectively, and we need long term solutions to the growing vacancy rate and wait times, this programme does that. Our pathway to care will introduce the adult social care sector to anyone who is interested in working in care, and begin to fix the long term problems of low staffing levels.”

Start your Pathway to Care course here

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