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March 11, 2022

What the Florence Rating System Means for You

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As a Florence nurse or carer, you’re probably aware of our rating system.

Historically, our industry hasn’t had a clear way to review the actions of care providers and staff. 

That’s where our ratings system helps. 

The rating system revolutionises professional accountability across social care. As healthcare staff, you must maintain high standards of professionalism (often in challenging circumstances), and we feel you should be recognised and rewarded for this. 

Having a ratings system allows you and care providers to recognise each other’s good work, delivering on our purpose: to provide everyone with the care and dignity they deserve

By keeping us all accountable, the ratings system helps ensure quality in care

Here, we’ll explain the ratings system, why we use it, and how it benefits you.

How does our rating system work? 

The rating system helps you choose the shifts you’d like to work via Florence.  

How scoring works for care-givers

  • Care homes score you before approving your timesheet (note: Florence employees will never score you)
  • Scoring is based on your performance on shift
  • You’re scored on five categories: punctuality, documentation, safety, effectiveness and care. 
  • You’re scored on a scale of one to five for each category, five being the highest, one being the lowest

Reliability rating

Your reliability rating is calculated through the amount of shifts you have worked vs. the amount of shifts you have cancelled on the platform. The more shifts you work, the more your rating is set to increase. The more shifts you cancel, the more your rating will decrease. 

How scoring works for care-providers

In the same way, our care homes’ activity and behaviour is also held accountable by ratings. 

  • When a nurse or carer completes a shift, you are required to rate your experience at the home on a number of categories, out of 5. 
  • These categories include: safety, effectiveness, caring, handover and leadership 
Florence ratings system
Florence ratings system for homes

What this means for you

1. Work in a safe environment 

As temporary staff, you’re likely to find yourself regularly working in new and unknown workplaces, which can be daunting. Our rating system allows all users to feel safe in their choices of where they work and who they choose to work with. 

Alongside the rating system, all homes are required to provide a full and detailed shift description, allowing full transparency over what you should expect to be met with once arriving at your shift. This ties into the idea of creating a safe and secure experience for our nurses and carers working through Florence. 

The CQC also operates via a rating scale, which homes have to display to the public, by law. By integrating this scale they can determine what good and outstanding care looks like and ensure care services meet these fundamental standards. Our system is similar - if we recognise a pattern of behaviour that doesn’t comply with our standards and values, we can work to find a solution.

Florence’s rating system is designed to alert us of any issues relating to shift experiences, which enables us to cultivate a safe space. The response categories create awareness of problems the user is facing and their needs, allowing us to take action to tackle these issues. 

For example, you may let us know that a handover at a particular home was inadequate, perhaps putting you at risk during your shift. This will inform us to closely track other ratings of this home, so we can monitor their behavioural patterns and be sure that our nurses and carers are entering safe working environments.

2. Be rewarded for providing excellent care 

Our system works to ensure that the nurses and carers delivering great care are rewarded.

Checking the quality of care through our rating system allows clients to recognise and acknowledge your efforts. Equally, this allows Florence to connect our nurses and carers to the best working environments, and provide our homes with the best care possible. 

Placing value on our system means that everyone is consciously and mutually working to uphold a good rating. By performing your role as caregiver to your best ability, you will be rewarded for your work. 

On Florence, your overall rating is displayed and visible to care providers, so the higher your rating is, the better placed you are to secure a shift over other users. 

In the same way, the visibility of home shift cancellations is a deterrent for homes to cancel their shifts, as they are less likely to receive applicants or interest if they have a high cancellation number. Publicising homes’ reliability rating enables us to maintain consistency and fairness on the platform. 

We must be measuring the duty of care as, ultimately, the role of the caregiver is one of great importance; especially for the most vulnerable in society. If you’re a nurse, The RCN offers helpful guidance on what accountability means for you and how this relates back to complying with its code of conduct.  

3. Increase trust 

As an online platform, ratings help to build trust amongst all users. Ratings reflect the real life experiences of nurses, carers, which inform most user decisions, allowing them to place their trust in Florence. 

Uber’s five-star system is similar. Being aware of the the driver's rating puts your mind at ease when you order a ride.

Florence's ratings work in a similar way, allowing you to take into account other nurses and carers' experiences before you apply for a shift. 

Ratings let us know how we can improve your experience, for all Florence nurses and carers. 

To read more about our rating system, please see our rating system FAQs, which answer common queries about ratings. 

Tell us what you think

In social care, where the stakes for caring for residents are so high, accountability becomes key. Our rating system helps maintain safety and consistency in the quality of care delivered by nurses, carers, and homes alike. 

At Florence, we have designed a system which has become actionable (alerting us to issues) and valuable (highlighting ideal user behaviour). 

If you think we can improve and enhance our rating system further, we would love to hear your feedback.

The first point of contact would be your account manager - do let them know any thoughts you have. Alternatively, email us on and we'd be more than happy to discuss further. Your feedback helps us improve the platform for everyone, so so it's vital to keep telling us what you think.

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