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March 11, 2022

This Is How Florence Helps Care Providers Maintain Continuity of Care

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We’ve revolutionised the way that care providers find and book their temporary staff. It’s simple, Florence cuts out the agency middleman and puts care providers and nurses in control. This has a huge host of benefits for care and nursing homes. One of those benefits is improved continuity of care.

Continuity of care is a critical aspect of the day-to-day running of a care home. Studies have shown that continuous care not only increases resident satisfaction but also allows those in the position of care to accumulate knowledge, which in turn saves time and enables better decision making when it comes to caring. For residents, good continuity of care inspires trust and confidence, whereas poor continuity can be a concerning indication that a residents overall quality of care may be poor. The CQC feels the same way, which is why they take into account agency usage and staff turnover when inspecting a home. A care provider may be struggling with staff continuity due to interrelated problems that include being unable to effectively recruit and retain its own nurses, or having a heavy reliance on nursing agencies.

How does Florence help care providers maintain continuity of care?

There are 7 contributing factors to how this works:

1. Accessibility

The platform enables clients to be connected directly to a community of thousands of compliant nurses across the UK. When posting shifts on to the platform, any of the nurses within a 100-mile radius can see it and apply.

2. Control

After posting the shift on the platform, the care provider chooses from the selection of nurses who have applied to work the shift. They view the nurse’s complete profiles, including ratings from previous clients, work history, training documents, skills and a personal statement. The key thing here is that the care home chooses their nurse.

3. Simple, Cost Effective Recruitment

We were built with the aim of helping the sector flourish, as such we do not have any hidden or unnecessary charges, this includes a finders fee. Many care providers have recruited full-time staff through the Florence platform whilst also continuing to fill staffing gaps when there is a need.

4. Favourite Nurses

This feature means that once a nurse has worked with the client once, the client can choose to add the nurse to their ‘favourite nurses’.  

5. Direct Invites

When posting new shifts, the care provider can directly invite nurses to the shift from its favourited or previously worked with nurses list. A direct invite appears as a notification and email to the nurse, alerting them to the shift and asking them to apply. When a directly invited nurse applies, they are automatically approved to work the shift. This makes filling a shift with your preferred temporary staff a seamless and easy process.

6. Direct Communication

When a nurse applies for the shift or when a nurse has worked with you previously you are able to message them through the platform. Many care providers use this feature to confirm training prior to the shift start or contact a nurse about an upcoming shift.

7. More Engaged Staff

As Florence is not an agency employing nurses, when a nurse uses Florence they have to be a little more proactive in their approach to work. Nurses find and apply to their shifts, connecting directly with the care provider for work. This means that you find nurses are more engaged with their work and motivated to nurture their own relationships with clients.

The fact is...

Care providers now have the ability to select their own temporary nurses, building their own relationships with external staff and recruit permanent staff for free through the Florence platform. There is even an upcoming ‘continuity score’ feature in the pipeline which will enable care providers to monitor the continuity of their temporary staff! Check out how a care home can improve their CQC rating through Florence here. Check out the key differences between using Florence and a nursing agency for staff here.

100’s of healthcare facilities across England are turning to Florence to reduce their costs, streamline their processes, fill temporary shifts and potentially source high-quality full-time care staff. There is no cost to list a shift and signing up takes a just a couple minutes. Start today by calling us on 020 3911 2555, emailing us here: or registering your interest

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