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May 3, 2023

Feel the love: 10 Valentine’s Day ideas for your care home

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Feel the love: 10 Valentine’s Day ideas for your care home

Valentine’s Day is all about love – but that doesn’t mean it’s only for couples. Around here, we believe Valentine’s Day is for everyone

If you need Valentine’s Day ideas for your care home, look no further. Activities focusing on self-care and friendship work beautifully in residential settings, and we’ve listed 10 below. Warm fuzzies, everyone.

1. Say it with flowers

Flowers  make any room more cheerful, so why not give your residents a lift with colourful bouquets, houseplants or silk blossoms this year? To make things even more special, consider favourite flowers or colours when creating arrangements.

2. Write kind messages

Kind messages can make life much brighter for everyone. Encourage residents and staff to write their favourite things about each other on heart-shaped pieces of coloured paper; then, play postman and deliver them on Valentine’s Day.

3. Pamper your residents

A little self-care goes a long way. Manicures, pedicures, massages and other pampering activities can be very relaxing and make residents feel special. If you have the time, turn one of your common rooms into a Valentine’s Day spa, with a different treatment in every corner.

4. Play Cupid bingo

Who doesn’t enjoy bingo? Break out the heart-shaped dabbers and festive bingo cards: first person to shout “Cupid!” gets a big box of chocolates. Click here to see a range of cute Valentine’s Day-themed printable bingo cards. 

5. Have a sing-along

Singing can boost overall wellbeing – plus, it’s fun and sociable. So, how about a Valentine’s Day sing-along for the seniors in your care home? Ask your residents what their favourite tunes are, print out a few lyrics and lose yourself in the melody.

6. Decorate your care home

Add Valentine’s Day flair to your care home with paper flowers, fabric garlands and other pink, red and white decorations. If some of your residents are crafty, ask them to join in – the more, the merrier.

7. Plan festive crafts

Valentine’s Day crafts can be engaging, enjoyable and inclusive. Here are five of our favourites:

8. Bake sweet treats

Love is undeniably sweet, and so are cookies, cakes and other baked delights. If your residents enjoy baking, organise a treat-making or cookie-decorating session. Writing icing, sprinkles and wafer flowers are easy to apply and make cupcakes look extra fancy.

9. Host an old-fashioned afternoon tea

Why not invite loved ones and residents to a Valentine’s Day afternoon tea? Sandwiches, scones and plenty of Earl Grey add up to a fun, friendly event for everyone. Give your party a vintage touch with china cups and saucers, cake plates, lace doilies and silver spoons.

10. Settle in for movie night

There’s nothing like a romantic black-and-white movie to round off the day, so why not put on an old-time classic or two? First, poll residents to see which movies they want to watch, then rustle up some popcorn and reminisce. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, from everyone at Florence 💜

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