NHS Stars: June '24

Meet Florence NHS Star Award winner Dianna [Jun ’24]

This June we’re celebrating Star Award winner Dianna, an RGN who’s celebrating 21 years of nursing this year.

We sat down to chat about Dianna’s career journey, and why she still has an unwavering commitment to caring for others…

How long have you been in healthcare?

I’ve been in healthcare since 2003, giving me 21 years of experience. I qualified as a Registered General Nurse (RGN) in 2009 and started working on general wards. Before that, I was a healthcare assistant.

I came from a big family where women traditionally cared for the household. I developed a passion for looking after others early on. My brothers often hurt themselves playing football, and I was always there, eager to care for them. When I moved to the UK, I started working in a nursing home and have been in the care industry ever since.

My path was always clear to me, and my passion for nursing has only grown stronger.

What’s your favourite thing about nursing?

My favourite thing about nursing is seeing a patient come in with a serious issue, like broken legs, and being able to help them become pain-free before surgery. Watching them recover, walk home, and be discharged is incredibly satisfying. The transformation from arriving damaged to leaving repaired and happy is what makes this job so rewarding.

What’s your favourite memory?

One of my favourite memories is nursing a 106-year-old lady with fantastic stories, especially during her palliative end-of-life care. She had worked in the NHS, so it made it even more poignant–being able to provide her with the best care and support was the best moment ever. It’s hard to imagine anything topping that experience. The elderly are so humble; they appreciate the little things and have an amazing ability to simplify everything. That generation is amazing.

What advice would you give someone considering nursing?

Go for it! Nursing is the most rewarding career you can have. It’s about giving back, making someone feel better and healing them. The simple thank-yous and hugs are priceless. I always think, who would do this job if I wasn’t here? We need people to step up and do this rewarding work.

What’s a myth you’d like to dispel about working as a nurse in the NHS?

The media often exaggerates the negative aspects of nursing. But come on the wards, and you’ll see the amazing work and positivity happening every day. We are proud that we continue to learn and improve as a profession. We are doing our best. The media should also focus on this and the fact our NHS is amazing; it’s free and treats people from everywhere.

Can you share a little bit about why you started working with Florence?

I started my journey into nursing after working as a healthcare assistant. A nurse I worked with at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham raved about Florence. My colleague praised the team’s care and the app’s efficiency. I also thought her Florence uniform looked so nice!

What do you like most about working with Florence?

One of my favourite aspects of working with Florence is the support I get from my consultant. It feels like you are part of a small supportive family. After a tiring shift, he’ll send you a supportive text to check in on you. There’s always someone to listen and sort out your issues.

I recently experienced a traumatic incident on shift with a patient. The next morning, I had 19 missed calls from the Florence team calling to check in on me. The mental health support has been incredible, too. I can’t praise the team enough for the support they have given me.

Thank you, Dianna, for being part of our community. We’re thrilled you find Florence supportive and caring–just like you. We are so happy to award you Star of the Month this June–you deserve it.

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