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Dementia-friendly environment audit checklist

Our Dementia-Friendly Environment Audit Checklist is an essential tool for evaluating and improving the care environment for individuals with dementia. This comprehensive checklist helps caregivers and facilities ensure they provide a supportive and safe setting, addressing key factors that influence the well-being of those with dementia.

Key Sections:

  • Current Care: Assess the number of individuals with dementia under care and track incidents of challenging behaviour, agitation, and aggression.
  • Safety: Monitor falls and other safety concerns.
  • Staff Health: Track staff sickness to understand its impact on care quality.
  • Sleep Disruptions: Evaluate the frequency of interrupted sleep among residents.
  • Health Metrics: Check for signs of dehydration and assess Body Mass Index (BMI) to ensure nutritional needs are met.

How to Use:

  • Step-by-Step Evaluation: Insert the correct number against each criterion to gain a clear picture of your care service‚Äôs dementia-friendliness.
  • Identify Areas for Improvement: Use the results to identify and address areas that need enhancement.
  • Continual Monitoring: Regular use of the checklist helps maintain a high standard of care and promptly address emerging issues.

Dementia-Friendly Environment Audit Checklist