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March 25, 2021

Join a Nursing Agency Or Use Florence?

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What makes Florence different from a nursing agency? Florence puts your needs first.

Agencies will give you “take it or leave it” shifts, without looking at your availability.

Agencies can throw you in at the deep end, with no planned handover.

Agencies can take an unfair cut of your pay, that you never see or know about.

Register with Florence now to find a better alternative and take control.

8 ways Florence is better for you than an agency

1. You take 100% of your pay home

100% of the rate you see when you apply for a shift on Florence goes to you.

Agencies work differently: they agree a rate with the care home, then give a percentage to you as pay.

You never know how much of a cut you’re getting. Agencies will pay themselves generously first, and leave you the lowest amount they think you'll take. They make a lot of money from your hard work this way.

Florence never takes a cut of your pay. Once you work the shift, you’re paid at the rate listed.

2. You get paid fast, no signatures needed

You submit timesheets with a single click on Florence; no paper or signatures needed - unlike a traditional agency.

Payment is reliable and straightforward, too. As a PAYE worker, you'll be paid weekly on Thursdays.

3. You control your shifts

No more agency calls pressuring you to take an inconvenient shift, last minute: Florence puts you in control of where and when you work.

On Florence, you’ll view all available shifts in your area, and apply for what you want with one click.

  • See open shifts weeks in advance, or right up until before start.
  • Search for shifts closest to you, at your preferred rate.
  • Get shifts where you choose, at times that work for your schedule.

Florence care homes can also invite you to shifts directly, helping you work consistently in places you like.

4. You know shift details before you go

Agencies may not send you fully prepared for a shift. Each shift on Florence includes information direct from the care home, such as:

  • Number of residents
  • Number of other staff on shift, their titles and duties
  • Key skills required
  • Public transport nearby
  • Parking availability

This helps you decide whether to apply.

Florence also provides a handover document to help you gain more understanding of the workplace on arrival.

5. Registration is fast (and free)

It’s quicker to register with Florence, even though there is the same level of checks as an agency.

You sign up for free, in your own time, and can be ready to work in a week or less.  

Signing up to Florence is straightforward, but if you need help our team are ready to talk on the phone (call us now on 0203 911 2555) and live chat.

6. You’re not locked in

Florence wants to help you get work.

We think it's fantastic if you’re hired at a care home after working Florence shifts. In contrast, agency contracts can lock you in to only working with them.

Agencies can also withhold training certificates, to stop you going elsewhere. Florence’s training is free on Florence Academy, and can be used anywhere once complete.

7. You join a supportive community

Florence is passionate about supporting nurses.

At an agency you can feel overlooked, rather than your voice being heard. Once you join Florence, you’ll access our Community - a safe space to talk, help each other and tell us what you think. We listen to your feedback and make improvements based on what you say.

8. You rate your shift experience

After every shift, you’ll rate the care home on five points - safety, effectiveness, care, handover and leadership.

This goes to a public score Florence nurses can see, helping others decide whether to apply for shifts. Care homes will also rate Florence nurses after shifts, with good ratings increasing your chances of booking shifts.

Agencies won't give you this power. Feedback ratings makes care homes aware and responsible, and reward your good actions.

Sound like a place you want to join?

Sign up today and become your own boss.

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